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I'm not a women's-rights activist.
But I do find it quite sad that the Tilted Kilt [Edwin Goei's "Blarney Boobage," May 6] is using young women's bodies as an attraction. I will be skipping the restaurant and advising friends to do the same.

elan444, via ocweekly.com



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"We men never stood a chance"? I think you mean "We stupid straight men never stood a chance." Or "We straight men who are stupid never stood a chance." It's not all men, pet.

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Defeatedandgifted, via ocweekly.com


Who'da thunk that by 2011, you'd have finished the good OC restaurants and moved on to lengthy reviews of places where Frito-Lay eaters and gimme-'nother drinkers hose down, tuck in and squat? Kinda like a comedian saying that since all the thigh-slappers have been told, he'll be doing more "knock-knock" jokes.

Latonya "Keed" Bunn, via ocweekly.com


Tilted Kilt is actually a very fun, high-energy restaurant/sports pub. I don't think it's trying to be authentic (Irish/Scottish) in nature, as it seems more "tongue in cheek." As indicated by the writer, these restaurants are built very nice and polished, and I give them credit for that.

What rubs me the wrong way, though, is not the restaurant and servers, but those who try to demonize them by their outfits. Midriff-showing shirts and short kilts with knee-high socks—wow! You can walk into any local high school or mall or on sidewalks see so much more exposed skin. Go to any beach, and you'll see thongs, tiny tops, sometimes pasties and more. With these restaurants, one has the choice to visit or not, and it's in a controlled environment. You know how the servers are dressed—unlike the other locations mentioned, since you can't control what people are wearing on any given day in public.

Women's-rights supporters should be thanking this company for hiring so many women, especially in such trying economic times. They should focus on such relevant issues as equal pay, promotions and not hiring women (unlike this company). God bless America and our freedom of choice.

Anyone care to join me at the Tilted Kilt?

Sports fan, via ocweekly.com


This was an oddly touching story [Vickie Chang's "The Devil In Mr. Grisham," April 29]. Jack Grisham demonstrates why it is wise to be kind and not do things we know are wrong; hell may be our own guilty conscience.

I was never into punk, but I came to LA in 1988 from Salt Lake City, Utah. We used to have this soundstage we would rent out. I remember that after punk shows, there was usually blood on the floor after the mosh pit cleared out. It was culture shock. My band approached a production company that didn't care for our music, but offered us casting in porn movies.

I retired from the LA rock scene, as it was too hardcore. And punk was just a whole different level.

Albert Barlow, via e-mail


I saw T.S.O.L. back in 1982 with Bad Brains and the Dead Kennedys. The band had a rep for violence then. Not surprising. Why is SoCal so violent?

Code blue, via ocweekly.com


You lost your credibility with Kanye [Lilledeshan Bose's Mental Notes, "I See Half-Naked People," April 22]. Most of the festival-goers realized he peaked after the first 10 minutes.

John G., via ocweekly.com


This biased article is just promoting black supremacy, not Coachella from a real concert-goer. Kanye West's set was a pretentious Broadway show, with all the glitz of Las Vegas. This wasn't about Coachella as a festival. Kanye didn't have the biggest crowd. People were leaving during his set. It was ridiculous to watch.

jelly-rollo, via ocweekly.com


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