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Great article on Jack Grisham [Vickie Chang's "The Devil In Mr. Grisham," April 29]! I really enjoyed it. I've been a fan of his music, starting with T.S.O.L .in my high-school days in the '80s. I remember buying a Tender Fury CD in the early '90s when I was in college in Arizona and wrote Jack a letter saying how much I liked his songs. He called me up (got my number by calling information) and thanked me. Said he'd get me into his shows (Tender Fury, the Joykiller, etc.) any time for free. I remember one time he would barely let me buy him some coffee. We kept in touch over the years, and I'd have to say he is one heck of a charismatic and powerful front man onstage, a prolific songwriter, and an all-around good guy. Glad to have him as a friend.

Eric Vog, via email



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I first met Jack about 20 years ago. I was listening to him speak to a sobriety group. At the time, my life was in a complete shambles. An amazingly honest and fantastic speaker, his message of love and redemption helped me that night. I was the guy in the room who knew no one there. He sensed that and introduced himself. Jack has an amazing ability to communicate honestly with people. He has positively impacted many, many lives.

Jerry Davis, via email


Vickie Chang must be in love with pathology. That would explain why, among the thousands of gifted residents of Orange County, she chose to spend her talents on the seriously sick, abused and abusive Jack Grisham.

He has spent his life until recently along a "twisted path of drugs, violence, plenty of gratuitous sex . . . [and] alcohol," with time for grave-robbing, ripping off churches and someone's face, and kicking his pregnant girlfriend in the belly, all while under the delusion that he and his mates were going to force some change. Change in what? To remake the world in HIS image?

If his remarks to Chang were any indication, if he couldn't say fuck, fucked-up, fucking, shit or asshole at least once every sentence, Grisham wouldn't be able to speak at all. And now we are supposed to believe that this uneducated soul is reformed, well-read and capable of writing a book. Maybe "it's fucking Southern California Christmas Carol," the record of 49 years well-lived, done in crayon.

Next subject: Charlie Manson.

Randy Taymore, Seal Beach


If this [the Marilyn Davenport Obama-is-a-chimp email] is the kind of public and political debate going on in America, then God help us all [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Evolution of a Scandal," April 22]. One of the first similarities I notice with politics here in Australia is that the conservatives, when out of government, will do and say anything to destroy their opponents. The wildest, craziest, most destructive and irrational statements and attacks are met with a shrug of the shoulders. We need you to be better, America.

Macca, via ocweekly.com


People seldom seem to learn a simple yet consistently effective PR lesson: When nailed publicly for a wrongdoing, the path to forgiveness is paved with a concise but genuine apology—own the transgression and add a dose of moderate remorse for good measure. Pointing fingers, being defensive or trying to justify the incident always fuels more questions/accusations and scolding.

MattGordonMD, via ocweekly.com


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