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Not racist [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Evolution of a Scandal," April 25]? On what planet? On THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Simon, via ocweekly.com



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To the author: You met who she wanted you to meet. Mrs. Marilyn Davenport can't in one breath say, "I found it amusing" and in the next say, "I wasn't thinking." I work at a corporation, and we have been told that forwarding emails like the one she did is considered harassment. She should know better as an elected official. She's sorry she got caught and won't take responsibility for her actions.

Freeformetoo, via ocweekly.com


Good story except for how it begins; "Unless you were vacationing . . ." is a condescending way to start off here. There are a lot of news sources, and people have jobs, so there is no one world of news. Maybe I was looking elsewhere for the past few days or had another responsibility that caused me to miss the Marilyn Davenport story. If you can get to the point right away rather than making the reader feel small, it might be a better way to go. Or perhaps it's just your way to show how much smarter you are than everyone else.

Charlie Bermant, via ocweekly.com


RACISM, plain and simple! Would she have done that if Obama were white? Resign, lady!

Sonny Losoya, via ocweekly.com


I am appalled that an elected official would find something like this amusing! Such jokes only serve to show the innate ignorance of many who currently call themselves God-fearing Americans and extol the virtues of a conservative Christian political agenda. This is not Christian. This is not acceptable in any religion or in any society. Men and women are said to have been made in God's image. Would this woman and others who laugh at such jokes find it amusing if someone sent a photo around of our God depicted as an ape—and called it humor?

CGA, via ocweeky.com


Oh, no, OC is not the dark side of the right wing—just a place where the reeeeeaaalllly stupid ones dwell.

Ryann Cooperwood, via ocweekly.com


I guaran-fucking-tee you a hundred thousand more people were exposed to this "offensive picture" than ever would have been if your little rag hadn't plastered it all over the website. Oh, but your journalistic obligations give you a pass? ¡Carajos!

Emanuel Vargas, via ocweekly.com


I lived right next to OC in Long Beach for years. It makes sense for her to be a racist because she represents a huge amount of racists. Let's have everyone just tell it like it is and stop pretending.

You can try and put a happy face on it, but it's still the modern GOP, and it's largely made up of a bunch of angry, racist, white people. Just own up to it.

Paul Hobbs, via ocweekly.com


It's great to see Michael C. Hall and Peter Fonda coming out to support East Fifth Bliss [Matt Coker's "Finding Bliss," April 22]. The trailer is terrific. Everything is right about it—from Hall's hilariously dull-dog, scruffy Bliss to a droll Fonda to the radiant Brie Larson.

Lalitaray, via ocweekly.com


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