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LOL, you mean people actually think the photos posted in either personals or pay-for-play sites are really the people [placing] the ad [Nick Pinto's "Weird Science," March 25]? LOL.

I wonder if the 100,000 child prostitutes who were to invade the Super Bowl have been arraigned yet? Not one out-of-town business girl was arrested, from what I read.

Dweezle.Di, via ocweekly.com


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Vendida, you clearly know very little about Spanish culture and history, especially about the caste system they developed for the various races, generations of Mexican-born Spaniards and those of mixed racial origin [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! March 25]. It sounds like you probably have not even been to Spain to study their culture either. As for your grandfather providing jobs, my great-grandfathers left Mexico around 1900, like many others, to flee the oppressive working conditions with minimal pay from the owners of the ranchos.

By the way, I am not an Aztlanista, as you characterize Gustavo's readers. My father was intelligent enough to use the GI Bill to better his children's lives by completing his university education and earning two advanced degrees. I myself have one advanced degree and am very grateful my great-grandfathers had the foresight to leave Mexico before the revolution.

Cayz88, via ocweekly.com


Gustavo, adelante compañero! Keep telling it like it is! Viva Zapata y Villa!

Davilasam, via ocweekly.com


Gussy replies to two detailed questions with one non sequitur sentence each and calls that a column? I guess the "lazy Mexican" stereotype might have some basis after all.

Hey, pocho, how about actually addressing the questions people put to you rather than taking la ruta floja? Or now that you've become a "published author," is it time to rest on your intellectual laurels?

Call me Sir, via ocweekly.com


That's all you can come back with, Gustavo? Looks like you were left speechless. Sell-out? Why, when you know it's all so true. It's so funny how many proud Mexicans do not realize how much of their heritage is Spanish and European. Looks like there is a great deal of ignorance within the Mexican culture. Almost as if they only want to choose the parts of history with which they agree. Also, about the Zapatistas and Pancho Villa, I think history tends to romanticize and glorify people. I am very skeptical about how history tends to choose its heroes. Everyone has his or her own agenda.

Astronaut01, via ocweekly.com


I'm really sick of hearing that revisionist riff about the U.S. stealing the Southwest from Mexico [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! March 11]. Doesn't anybody do their homework? Tell you what, let's ask the Comanche, Apache, Diné (Navajo), Hopi, Paiute and Chumash, to name but a few, how they feel about this issue. Is it that if you don't have a damn flag, you don't count?

Norm Frahm, Costa Mesa


Congrats for an excellent article and exposé of the "nonprofit" scam used to steal public property for developers [Chasen Marshall's "Fair Games," March 18].

Kentw007, via ocweekly.com


Always wondered about Soka University of America—I read your article about Soka with great interest [Michelle Woo's "The School On a Hill," March 11]. I have always been curious about the motivation of someone spending that kind of money. However, I think the jury is still very much out. Orin Kirshner went on a hunger strike, overtly threatened four administrators and was subject to a restraining order. Gaye Christoffersen's lawsuit was summarily dismissed, which means the court found it to be so meritless that it was thrown out. In the world of lawsuits, this is a first-rate ass kicking. From an employer's standpoint, neither source looks to be on the fast track to tenure. It should come as no surprise that allegiance to Soka Gakkai International could possibly enhance one's career—just like having a Che Guevara poster in your office does within the UC system.

Tim Mayeda, via e-mail


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