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Your commentary is pathetic and is a great example of why you will never be considered a real journalist [R.
Scott Moxley's "The Real Bren Legacy," Feb. 25]. My favorite note is the one about the assistant professor at UC Irvine writing an anti-Don Bren play in 1995, but I have a better one. You should also note that in 1989, Cypress City Council candidate Jake Danforth farted on a picture of Bren. That's news! You mention Cal Pac Homes, but ignore Bacchus, which is owned by son Steve Bren and went under during this past recession. Since you're the expert and know all things Bren, I can only assume you intentionally left this out. You are a hypocrite. But, hey, I ain't mad at ya. Can't blame ya: You need to attract readers, ones who will look at your ads for erotic massages and penis-enlargement techniques.

Rexmiller, via ocweekly.com



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The Los Angeles Times should be embarrassed for publishing that story. What a piece of garbage!

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SH, via ocweekly.com


More alarming evidence of the decline of the LA Times. Good work, Moxley. But I think your story is missing one key point from your best investigation yet into Don Bren and the Irvine Co. You once reported that Bren's land donations to the public weren't always noble deeds because he was giving cliffs, etc., and earthquake/fire hazard properties [R. Scott Moxley's "Perpetual Indulgence," July 1, 1999]. That should have been mentioned.

Gina, via ocweekly.com


Dude, if you had counter e-mails showing her demanding you write those apology e-mails confessing to a heinous crime yourself (that any sane person wouldn't write at all), why not release those [Matt Coker's "UC Irvine's Ex Scandal," Feb. 25]? The excuse is just crap. If it were such a bad breakup and you initiated it, why would you go along with her those three times? And if the kisses were consensual and all that, but you wanted the breakup, then you're a bastard for stringing her along. Obviously, it wasn't that bad of a breakup if you wanted to see her and kiss her. Sorry, Jesse Cheng, but your bullshit has got to stop.

Johnny B Goode, via ocweekly.com


Man! What a cocky, ugly motherfucker! I cant believe that any woman would even be alone with this annoying weirdo—unless he makes good chow mein. If not, the chick must be blind and in a wheelchair, and he rolled her into his apartment.

Jme, via ocweekly.com


Designer tacos at $5 a pop [Edwin Goei's "Twittered Taco," Feb. 25]? These guys do realize we're in a recession in this country, with gas pushing $4 per gallon, right? Must be nice to be young, rich AND stupid. And from your review, the food sounds inedible at best. Thanks, but I'll stick with the $1.25 carnitas tacos from Taqueria de Anda.

OCLady, via ocweekly.com


That woman should not be able to gain custody of the baby [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "The Mother, Her Teen Lover and Their Baby," Feb. 18]. She is obviously an unfit mother. What kind of mother gets drunk every night and does things with other kids! The baby is better off with the boy's family and is in better hands. Who knows what that woman will do when she is alone with the baby! She also should have gotten more time in jail! Who cares if she's a woman! She is still a sex offender and child molester! She won't be able to provide for this child after she is released because nobody would want to hire a sex offender! Her husband is also dumb for bailing her out of jail after she cheated on him multiple times! What a desperate man! Not even worth calling him a man.

Ocman, via ocweekly.com


That is BS. People who have done less serious crimes have gotten more time in jail. She should lose all of her kids. In order to get her kids back, she should prove to the state that she is a fit, rehabilitated parent.

Blah, via ocweekly.com


In the Feb. 25 issue story on the band Omaha (Danielle Bacher's Locals Only, "Even Heavy Metal Tastes Better With Bacon"), drummer Jon Mauerhan's name was misspelled. The Weekly regrets the error.

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