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Dear Gustavo, I wish to take issue with your choices or, more accurately, your exclusion of one [Gustavo Arellano's "The Sex Issue: Good, Clean Fun," Feb. 11]. Maybe it was because you only focused on humans, but those who are aware of such things know the Sexiest Thang Alive in the OC, is a cat . . . ME! I am the epitome of good, clean fun! I am very hurt you didn't even consider me a contender! My human told me it was probably because you spend so much time writing food reviews and ¡Ask a Mexican! columns that you don't have time left to approach area felines, and "Ask a Cat" what he or she might know. Because of this, I have named you Knucklehead of the Week. Now, pardon me while I go take a snooze!

Elvira Mistress of Pussydom, via ocweekly.com



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I understand there are niche markets in porn [Joel Beers' "Beyond the Gonzo," Feb. 11]. There is girl-on-girl, gangbang, fat women, anal sex, supersized penises and so on. . . . However, I had no idea there was a niche market for watching the mentally ill have sex. Nadya Suleman is painful to watch or listen to even in the most basic situations. She can't answer the most basic question without lying, exaggerating, going off subject or babbling. Now, you want us to suffer through looking at this nutjob having sex? You think we want to look at a body that has had a tummy tuck, a lap band, liposuction, numerous breast implants, cheek implants, brow- and eye-lifts, lip implants, and Botox, and then you tell us we should want to pay for that? What's next? Are you going to put out porn flicks featuring the mentally retarded? After all, they want to live independently. Sorry, Steve Hirsch, but no one wants to watch the world's village idiot having sex.

Annabanana, via ocweekly.com


Frankly, I was expecting a different tone from this article, but I was pleasantly surprised [Nick Schou's "Dying Inside," Feb. 11]. I can't remember thinking before, "Good work, Mr. Schou and OC Weekly." Please accept my praise for this piece of work.

Tom, via ocweekly.com


Sounds like [Keith Eric Files'] sister is as much to blame as anyone else (if not more). She knew he was under the influence already. She also knew he was smuggling drugs into the jail, which is not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous. Many people have OD'd when the packaging that smuggled drugs are stored in breaks or leaks and the drugs are absorbed into the system. No mention that she did or said anything to stop him from smuggling the drugs. Shame on her. She should stop trying to rationalize her failures by blaming the system. If she wants someone to point a finger at, she only needs to find the nearest mirror.

Ghengis, via ocweekly.com

Nick Schou responds: To clarify, Files' sister didn't know anything about drugs being smuggled into the jail or about her brother being "under the influence." You're confusing her with someone else in the story.


This is to the letter writer who automatically assumed a father wouldn't want his daughter to go with some strangers just because they were Mexican [Hey, You! "Race Skater," Feb. 4]. Maybe, like most parents, he wouldn't want his daughter to go with any strangers, period. Maybe he was having fun spending New Year's Eve with his daughter, not to mention he is responsible for her safety, and didn't feel like letting her go with some strangers who approached him at a roller rink?

How presumptuous are you that you "noticed the girl was looking very alone" and that her father was "clutching her" too tight, while all the "cool kids" were skating around having a great time. So you, being the big hero, are going to save this poor child from her own father on New Year's Eve? Sounds like creepy behavior to me. I wouldn't let my children go with you, either. In fact, do me a favor and stay far away from my children.

And then, when he tried answering your question in a polite manner, saying that the girl knew how to skate and would be fine, you automatically assumed it was because you are Mexican, felt justified in insulting him as you left and seemed happy you pissed him off. Did it ever occur to you they were just fine prior to you disturbing them? Are you happy you ruined someone else's evening just because you are insecure about being Mexican?

I actually think highly of most Mexicans I've met, and living in SoCal, I've met plenty. But I know your type well. Thanks, insecure Mexicans, for jumping to conclusions and seeing racism every time something happens that you don't like. Grow up. Please.

Anonymous, via mail


In an article about Vivid Entertainment [Joel Beers' "Beyond the Gonzo," Feb. 11], porn performer Jenna Haze was mistakenly referred to as a former Vivid Girl. Haze has never appeared in Vivid film. The Weekly regrets the error.


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