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Wow [Hey, You!
Holiday Taco Karma,” Dec. 31]! How wonderful to read something nice in this column, especially in this world of rudeness and negativity. Bravo for one good deed and a rare positive comment in a column usually chastising our boorish behaviors. Made my day!

MsLily64, via ocweekly.com


This SICK “cop” MUST NOT get away with this [R. Scott Moxley’s “Twisted Cop Headed to Prison,” Dec. 24]! There are TOO many of these individuals who have psychopathically FOOLED themselves into believing they can do what they want when they want to whomever they want to do it to and get away with it because they wear a badge OR have cronies to cover up their lies and ABUSES! It MUST STOP, and one way is to PROSECUTE ANYONE (right along WITH them) who assists these JERKS in such behaviors! The GUARDS and ADMINISTRATORS at Chester Mental Health Center are the SAME SICKOS, and they MUST CONTINUE to BE EXPOSED and PROSECUTED, for they are NOT above the law EITHER! THEY MUST BE STOPPED and NOT allowed to HIDE behind their badges and the MUNICIPALITIES that employ them!

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Eloisclayton, via ocweekly.com


I agree with you, but if we prosecuted all the corrupt officials, guards and administrators around the world, no one would be left to run the system. Most are corrupt.

Greg_Evans, via ocweekly.com


Awesome! Where do I sign up to be a cop? Bashing the teeth out of some biatches with my cock late at night AND get paid to do it sounds good to me.

20ftJesus, via ocweekly.com


I’m always somewhat amused when someone with the dubious position in life of newspaper employee points fingers at others. Brad Wagner is one of many, and to generalize about the police or any other group based on the unlawful actions of one individual is ignorant and infantile. Robert Corrado was doing his job, and I guess the reporter does not understand the legal, moral and ethical obligations of a lawyer defending a client.

Wagner has been convicted and sentenced for his assaults on these illegal aliens. The aliens aren’t so dumb. . . . They will now look to get paid. Wagner is en route to a California Department of Corrections (CDC) reception center. Move on. The system worked fine, and it usually does.

Maybe the reporter is not aware of the many members of the media who’ve been exposed and fired for fabricating or plagiarizing stories. I’ll stack the requirements, ethics and track record of the police against ANY other profession any time.

CrazyHorse54, via ocweekly.com


CrazyHorse, your posts here and on other websites are amusing. What is your real issue with this story? It states the facts. And to correct you, Wagner is not “en route” to a CDC reception center. He’s chillin’ at “the Main,” waiting for his next court date, which will be dealing with victim restitution. I hope Wagner is put in the poor house for his actions. The “VICTIMS” deserve nothing less than that.

OC Follies, via ocweekly.com


Mr. Moxley is a fine journalist whom I respect very much. You have no reason to attack him or his profession in this manner, unless you are yourself a police officer or a defense attorney and are feeling a little defensive.

As for those illegal aliens this man assaulted and sexually abused? You’re damn right they should get paid. As little as I appreciate my home state being illegally overrun by the impoverished citizens of other nations, their punishment should absolutely not be battery and rape. He was on duty and representing his employer, us, when he chose to victimize people. I suspect that we taxpayers will eventually be footing the bill for compensating these ladies for having to live the rest of their lives with the memory of having this ugly old creep forcing himself on them.

So, Mr. Self-Righteous Guy, most likely you and I will be footing the bill for this nasty man doing nasty things under the color of authority. Still feel like killing the messenger?

Linda, via ocweekly.com


Too bad they can’t catch many of the illegal immigrants that have molested American citizens.

WASP, via ocweekly.com


What a fucking creep.

R.I.P. Chalmers Johnson, via ocweekly.com


God forbid some loser at a taco joint has to, you know, actually do some work and ring up some customers [Hey, You! “Tacos By Twilight,” Dec. 24]. Hey, loser: Perhaps you should ask all the customers to pool their money together and just make one big order, huh? Anything to make your minimum-wage existence even easier. Anonymous is America today: lazy, whiny, uneducated and ignorant.

Mbafromharvard, via ocweekly.com


Typical Orange County mindset. No real problems going on, so “Anonymous” has to invent one. In this case, his or her biggest issue in life is tweens buying a single taco and wearing skimpy clothes.

Madeleine, via ocweekly.com


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