Letters From OC Weekly Readers

A child throwing a tantrum in a supermarket must have been raised by wolves [Hey, You! “A Left Turn for the Worse,” Dec. 17]. Civilized parents have control over their children, who don’t resort to that type of behavior. If a Lexus was turning in the direction of a “Taco Bell,” it was either the owner or someone looking for a place to relieve themselves. Lexus owners don’t eat there. Why buy a nice car so you can drive it to a Mexican fast-food store? In closing, the next time you see a nice car coming, yield the right of way. They most likely have an important destination in mind.

Deesel, via ocweekly.com


Interesting comment. You say ALL Lexus owners think they own the road—and how did you come to that conclusion? Your jealousy of something as mundane as an automobile shows your immaturity and ignorance. If you gauge your importance on what you drive, then shallow is too polite a term for you. If a driver is rude, an asshole or whatever, it shouldn’t have a reflection on the vehicle they drive. Because you can afford a lease payment each month doesn’t make you a better person. I can afford to drive just about anything out there, and I choose a simple vehicle that suits my needs. I see Mexicans in Escalades pulling into apartment complexes and unloading groceries. Hey, homie, a down payment on a house is money better spent—of course, they most likely stole the 20s they’re sporting on their salvage-title vehicle. Next time you are in the crosswalk, run like a motherhumper if a car is coming, dummy.

Fennel, Porterville, via ocweekly.com


Fennel, me thinks ye doth protest too much. It’s an anonymous comment on a local weekly rag’s website. Why so much animosity? If you don’t believe persons in OC blindly judge one another based solely on what they are driving at the moment—you, sir, are completely out of touch with your surroundings.

Kity, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com


Why is it that Mexicans are so sloppy and disrespectful [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! Dec. 17]? Is it that they come from a shithole, “Mexico”? They wander around at night so la migra can’t see them as well and drop their garbage all over the place. My only guess is that it makes them feel at home. “Mexico,” the shithole of the Americas.

Hujardon, San Diego, via ocweekly.com


Thanks, Gustavo, for defending us Mexicano-Americanos here in ol’ Nuevo Mexico. My family has been in New Mexico for more than 400 years. Some of my ancestors—my native ancestors—have been here much longer. Yet to some newcomers, I’m still a foreigner. What the hey? If anything, they are interlopers in my beautiful state. I have many friends who are from out of state; my wife is from Illinois. But when someone comes here and starts trashing my state, I get a bit pissed.

Mr. Baca, ’Burque, Nuevo Mexico, via ocweekly.com


Thank you for speaking well of New Mexico. The customs and traditions you mention were right on.

George de Baca, Augusta, via ocweekly.com


So glad to see you still have nothing to say about how the Mexicants bring their trashy ways north of the border. Littering is obviously just as much a part of the culture as child molestation, early pregnancy and multiple DWIs ending with American deaths while the drunken Messycant walks away without a scratch. Oops! Too much truth in that one, eh? Mexico is a craphole; the problem is all the Mexicants! Keep killing one another however you can; we appreciate it—less trash that comes here! Can you show me ONE nice Mexican neighborhood? One? One block? One street? They were nice at one point, but then the Mexicants moved in.

Dallas Res, Dallas, via ocweekly.com


Every time I read this column, I laugh at the stupidity of people. Dallas, you are a dumbass. :)

Jay, via ocweekly.com


Now THIS is journalism [Terry Greene Sterling’s “FAIR-y Tales,” Dec. 3]. Why the fuck this kinda information is always buried smacks of corruption in the media. Big business owns America and panders to shitheads with its fake news and outright lies while employing talking heads like the mouthpiece Michelle Malkin. Maybe if America focused on creating actual white-collar jobs that pay well instead of rocketing all our jobs to China, Americans would be better off? Why don’t you “Christian” conservative motherfuckers bitch when the U.S. imports a bunch of foreigners from India or China to fill jobs that should go to Americans? Everyone knows FOX News is pure bullshit, but it must comfort them to know they’ll always have a steady following of assholes to buy into their bullshit without question.

AC20850, via ocweekly.com


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