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Let’s get a few things straight [Terry Greene Sterling’s “FAIR-y Tales,” Dec. 3]. First of all, Section 1 of the 14th Amendment says that “All persons born or naturalized in the U.S., and subject to its jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the U.S.” This certainly does not apply to illegal aliens. And yes, people do come here in order to have a child, since they get automatic U.S. citizenship, free K-through-12 education, WIC, free school lunches and health care. Although it’s not really free; U.S. taxpayers foot the bill. Finally, the proposed DREAM Act is another amnesty. Under it, illegal aliens who enter this country before the age of 16 and have successfully evaded the law for five years are given conditional green-card status that can later be converted to regular green cards. Then green cards can be acquired for the parents who brought their children here illegally. And once they’ve been granted citizenship, they can bring all their relatives to the U.S. To reward this illegal behavior would encourage more to come here—illegally, of course.

Randle C. Sink, Huntington Beach, via e-mail


The entire lot of these cretins needs to be rounded up and deported on the first thing smokin’. [Sterling] is the Phoenix-barrio-dwelling poster child for the socialist, America-hating, radical, progressive movement, all of whom should be deported alongside these despicable, illegal-alien parasites.

BajaRat, Balboa, via ocweekly.com


RE: “And if the parents live illegally in the United States, immigration authorities generally require they return to Mexico and stay there for 10 years before the U.S. government will consider giving them green cards.” Since when has an illegal immigrant who had a baby in the U.S. been sent back, leaving the child parentless? It may be on the books, but it is never enforced.

Jamie Fontaine, Orange, via ocweekly.com


Isn’t it ironic that this is an issue but wouldn’t be one if it were something the illegals could just take, like they do everything else? The fact they cannot just take amnesty and must ask for it from a society that is fed up to the max from their antics and their “I’m entitled because I live here, too” is not going to fly, not now and not next month when they start it up all over again. The American people have spoken loud and clear, and we are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore!

Val, Bluffton, SC, via ocweekly.com


Actually, the Arizona law is not as harsh as the California law. The difference is Arizona is likely to enforce the law, whereas the California law was just cheap lip service by a bunch of feckless political whores who need to be clapped in irons and put in hard-labor camps. But, of course, you know this. You know the federal government has abandoned its post, but you don’t care. Because to you, America is an idea, not a place. When the beheadings start here, you will probably beg the Chinese military to come in and restore order.

ATG, Corona, via ocweekly.com


I think it is great you donated your kids’ leftover Halloween candy to the troops in Afghanistan [Hey, You! “Not So Sweet,” Nov. 26]. But as a wounded vet myself, I am pissed off at your protesting the flier. You know, the one that ended with “If you’re reading this, thank a teacher. If you’re reading this in English, thank a Marine.” Apparently, your history teachers didn’t teach you shit. Dumb fuck! Imagine what would have happened if the Allies didn’t stop the Axis powers in World War II. Hitler was crazy as fuck, yes, but he was not stupid. He was very smart. And he may have succeeded. So next time you want to whine about something as dumb as being mad about a saying on a flier, remember this: Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. You owe your freedom to all of us vets—past, present and future. Especially the ones who paid the ultimate price. You dumbass!

Jason Gronstrand, via e-mail


I learned from watching The Exorcist that they use Ritalin (an upper) to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, so anything is possible [Keegan Hamilton’s “Shock the Junkie,” Nov. 19]. It would make sense to use a hallucinogen to treat opiate and amphetamine addiction.

Chris, via e-mail


In Terry Greene Sterling’s article “FAIR-y Tales” [Dec. 3], it was stated that “several human-rights organizations have flagged FAIR, NumbersUSA and CIS as white-nationalist hate groups.” In fact, while human-rights organizations have flagged FAIR itself as a white-nationalist hate group, they characterize CIS and NumbersUSA as tied to white nationalists and white-nationalist hate groups. Also, the Southern Poverty Law Center branded FAIR (but not the other two groups, as stated in the story) as a hate group in 2007. The Weekly regrets the errors.


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