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I’m going house-hunting tomorrow [R. Scott Moxley’s “The Real Squatters of Orange County,” Nov. 12]!

JinRiverview, via ocweekly.com


I can’t believe the legal system is used for these types of crimes. The laws have to be changed and/or fixed. The lawyer representing these losers should be fined for representing a con man. If it happened to me, I would have dragged that guy out of my house by brute force.

Anthony, via ocweekly.com


Anything that screws the self-entitled rich jerks who have turned this country into an oligarchy is fine by me. Good on them. I hope they keep the place just to make the rest of the neighbors miserable because “those scummy poor people” did the same thing they do every day and took advantage of a loophole in the law.

Emily, via ocweekly.com


I told my husband about the story after reading it in the OC Weekly, and he said it is a made-up story. Is this story for real, or just a well-written story?

Dian, via ocweekly.com

Editor’s note: Really, really real. All that stuff about Republicans taking control of Congress? An elaborate hoax. Had you going there, huh?


I’ve read enough Crimethinc books to know that squatting is supposed to be fun. Why do it if you’re basically trapped in the house and miserable? Dumbasses. Also, way to have pets when you can’t even feed yourself. Also, the drawing of Christopher Duncan looks almost identical to Lucky from King of the Hill.

Josh, via ocweekly.com


Seriously, if they are breaking the law, then no one will care when they quietly disconnect the camera, break into the house and drag those filthy hippies out of a property that doesn’t belong to them. In this world, there are always those people who have to work very hard for every little thing they own—it’s about time we took out greedy people like this who don’t deserve anything for free.

HF Buick, via ocweekly.com


And these white trash think people are being rude and unreasonable because they want to live in peace on somebody else’s property? I would make them leave by force if this were my property.

Jason, via ocweekly.com


As a longtime rental-property owner in Orange County, I have had many kinds of tenants over the years, but never a situation like this. I can tell you without hesitation that had freeloaders invaded one of my properties, they would have been physically tossed out the door headfirst. They only get away with this crap because many property owners are mystified about the law and intimidated by sleazebag lawyers who represent the trespassers. Whatever happened to American property rights?

Ltpar, via ocweekly.com


There is a real easy way to evict these guys legally and safely. But if the neighbor “fears for his safety” because of a couple of larcenists, it will never happen. Still, I think it’s pretty funny!

Henrygattis, via ocweekly.com


Another great story, Moxley. It’s especially well-researched and -written. I just wish it didn’t happen in my neighborhood.

Aaron, via ocweekly.com


Brandon Ferguson tries too hard to sound like an investigative reporter [“Buried Secrets,” Nov. 12]. Nobody cares what Chris McAmis’ house looks like or that his driveway leads to the street (who woulda thought?). Go work for TMZ or something.

Jason, via ocweekly.com


Sport Clips is a great value [Vickie Chang’s Trendzilla, “The Hooters of Hair Cutters,” Nov. 12]. Great, relaxing haircut experience by a stylist trained to just cut guys’ hair. Why would a guy go anywhere else?

Ron, via ocweekly.com


Calling it the Hooters of Haircuts is overblown. Nice women doing a great job cutting hair in a sports environment works out great.

Dave, via ocweekly.com


Hi, there. Just read your article. Can you provide me with the work address for “Stephanie Boobs”? Just out of curiosity. . . .

Ken Kim, via e-mail


Enjoyed your commentary on Sport Clips. But where can a guy find Stephanie?

Wally, via e-mail


Hopefully, it doesn’t only have to be two kinds of sushi-lovers [Edwin Goei’s “Double Domo Arigato,” Nov. 12]. Most of the time, I want “authentic” stuff: no-nonsense nigiri and a few delicate temaki and maki. But once in a while, these rolls, these interesting combos with all their decadence and fusiony goodness, call out to me. That’s when I need to know about places like O Fine Japanese Cuisine!

Melissa, via ocweekly.com


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