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As an hourly Attractions host for the past 10 years, I’m a member of the Teamsters and work within the Master Services union contract [Gustavo Arellano’s “Bringing Down the Mouse,” Oct. 8]. The hotel union has sold its poor members up the river in a slimy attempt to keep Ada Briceño and her goons in power. We union members in Attractions signed a new four-year contract last year that gives us 3 percent to 4 percent raises each year and the same great package of benefits that every other union gets. Except the Unite Here Local 11, which wants to cling to its underfunded union-managed medical plan. Its members haven’t had a raise in more than two years, and we all heard about the $1,000 signing bonus the company offered in 2009 as part of the last, best and final offer. Unite Here Local 11 is the laughingstock of the resort among all the other unions. There is a reason why the 30 other unions at the resort won’t support it, won’t publicly make a statement about it and leave it hanging out to dry. Because Unite Here Local 11 has done nothing but cause heartache and lost wages for its members for the past two years, while the rest of us easily negotiated great new contracts for the years ahead. Seriously, how long is it going to lie and string the hotel members along? All while it busies itself with supporting a Muslim girl who doesn’t want to abide by the same dress code the rest of us do to help support the Disneyland Show, as Walt himself so clearly laid out for us more than 50 years ago. Shame on Unite Here Local 11!

Ivana, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com


Ivana is ill-informed about Local 11’s fight. She is obviously a spokesperson for Disney. As a former member of Local 11 (I have retired), the fight is about keeping our benefits that we have earned after years of service. These benefits will be lost based on the current contract Disney is offering. It is trying to get rid of the people who have worked for the company for a long time in order to bring in minimum-wage workers. Disney is trying to get rid of the health benefits we have earned. Disney is trying to set requirements for health benefits, vacation benefits and seniority requirements that are impossible to meet based on the job descriptions set by Disney for its hotel workers, who have completely different job descriptions and needs than those of the workers at the park. For Ivana to say her needs are met based on her union contract is based on a whole different set of needs than those of the hotel workers. Ivana and Disney need to understand that and quit trying to compare the hotel workers to the park workers. It would also be nice for Disney to sit down and have a serious conversation with the workers, instead of ignoring them and reinforcing the belief that Disney doesn’t care about its cast members!

Joyce, Cerritos, via ocweekly.com


This is the very reason that Park Foods separated itself from this union five years ago. Briceño and her minions clearly do not have any concern for the union’s members, only for the bottom line. There are two simple options at this point: Either show up for a negotiation meeting instead of further embarrassing yourselves with gimmicks such as hunger strikes and wasting your union dues on balloons that get popped 30 seconds later, or do what any self-respecting union would do and strike until Disney caves in.

JD, via ocweekly.com


Sarah, you are a great example of creating the change we want to see in our city [Gustavo Arellano’s “Sarah Rafael Garcia: She Fights for Your Writes,” Oct. 15]. Gracias!

Vanessa Castillo, SanTana, via ocweekly.com


Editor’s Note: In case there was any confusion about the “Contributing Writers & Editors” on the contents page of our Best of OC issue [Oct. 15], those credits were not exclusive. In addition to the contributors listed, the Weekly’s entire editorial and art staff (along with sales, production and administration, of course) worked like a hive of methed-out killer bees to produce that issue. In particular, Editorial Assistant Jessica Ford (who wrote several items while also coordinating the issue) and Proofreader Jack Grimshaw (who proofread the whole damn thing) should have been listed among the contributors.


In the Oct. 15 Locals Only column, “No Vowels Needed,” the band pictured were not TRMRS. Their actual picture appears on this page. The Weekly regrets the error.


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