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‘This Is History, Not News’

I don’t even know what would possess me to dignify the article on Old World Village [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Old World Disorder,” March 20] with a response, but as an elder skinhead in this beautiful, free country of ours, I feel compelled to say something.

We have been going to Old World Village since I was a young man. We do not partake in nor condone what Ms. Michele Weiss is going through. It seems that skinheads in general are being blamed for some people’s problems at Old World Village.

We do not hate anyone. We are a group who love our culture and heritage more than some. To us, it’s all about our families and our ability to progress with society at society’s pace. You call us white supremacists, but we are not! We just want to be safe and secure in our part of this world that everyone seems intent on destroying.

I know this article is not about skinheads; it’s about Old World Village. Please do not blame us for the problems they are having there.

W/R, via mail


I have been the director of security for Oktoberfest at Old World Village for many years. I am well-acquainted with Old World, and I was surprised to see it described as a “haven for skinheads.” Many of the negative anecdotes relating to anti-Semitic activity discussed in the story are very old. Some date back 20 years (such as the meeting of the Holocaust-revisionist group). This is history, not news. And while the Village’s history may involve some colorful characters, these people don’t reflect the Village as a whole, at least not today.

Today, the Village is a peaceful, multicultural community where people from many ethnic backgrounds have shops, with residential units upstairs. Many ethnic groups hold weddings in the Old World Church, and the Festival Hall hosts receptions, quinceañeras and other parties for a wide range of ethnic communities.

As far as the annual Oktoberfest event, our policy is to welcome everyone so long as they don’t engage in offensive conduct toward others. While this policy has gone through some minor changes over the years, we have always prohibited discrimination, as required by law. We have never instructed our security team to systematically turn away skinheads (or anyone with a shaved head, for that matter), and I was surprised to read this in your story. [Editor’s note: A clarification of this point appeared in the March 27 issue.]

However, we do not tolerate racial, religious or cultural epithets, and our security team is instructed that any person who engages in such inappropriate conduct or otherwise attempts to disrupt Oktoberfest by intimidating others or stirring up controversy must be asked to leave.

Finally, I should mention that the few times skinheads have stopped in during Oktoberfest, they have been respectful and haven’t caused any problems. Old World Village is certainly not their “haven.”

Dan Escamilla, via e-mail

If Sandra Hutchens is pissing off Mike Carona’s cronies [R. Scott Moxley’s “I’m the Sheriff First and a Politician Second,” March 27], she’s definitely doing something right! The CCW and “Supe Snoop” are just a ploy by power-hungry, threatened, out-of-touch Republicans to divert public attention. Supervisor Chris Norby says, “She didn’t have to do it. Why bother things? No harm, no foul, right?” This is the kind of attitude that kept Carona’s blatantly illegal activities under the radar for so long. Thank God for Norby being termed out!

Dre Dawg, via ocweekly.com


I live in Santa Ana (a city known mainly for two things—crime and illegals). I’m ex-military (honorably discharged) with more firearms experience and training than most police and sheriffs in the area. Other than a few traffic tickets, I have no record. I’ve also organized and taught a rape-awareness/self-defense course here in Orange County. Yet if I applied for a concealed-weapons permit, Sheriff Hutchens would probably employ typical cop paranoia and fear and deny my request. Yeah, she’s the one I really want holstering a gun. I wonder if the torture and mistreatment of prisoners is still common practice under her watch.

Ron, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com

Interesting, but does this [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Recall? Totally,” March 27] reflect what the recall is about? I can list 20 reasons for recalling Lance MacLean, and none are addressed in the article.

No Gadfly, Mission Viejo, via ocweekly.com

The March 27 article “Recall? Totally” cited a 2004 Los Angeles Times article as saying that Mission Viejo residents circulated a flier featuring an image of Cabrini Green. That article actually said the image on the flier “looked like” Cabrini Green. Our story also said that Lance MacLean and other city council members have said they didn’t support “mixed business/residential developments.” It should have said they didn’t support a proposal to put residential units above existing retail. The Weekly regrets the errors.


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