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Who is Chadd McKeen [Matt Coker’s “Growing Pains,” May 21]? What is Tri-County Patient Collective? Have we ever heard from them before? What are they doing? In my opinion, they are not nice people! They will be sorry they said such incriminating b.s. I imagine they will piss off the authorities with their self-centered rhetoric. They say they are doing the right thing, but no one else is!

Roger, via ocweekly.com


All Chadd and Alysha McKeen have done is implicate themselves. How dare they say they are the only ones complying with state law and having good, safe medicine. I know for a fact they have never been inside any of the other collectives in the area and have no idea how they operate and where they get their medicines from.

Joyce, via ocweekly.com


I think this is a great article, and all the haters should STFU because they don’t know what they are talking about! Chadd McKeen is not a thug or drug addict, and I know for a fact Chadd has helped (and continues to help) people who are terminally ill or have cancer, pain and HIV. These comments are really sad, actually, because Chadd and his family are awesome people, and the people who left these awful comments are just trying to slander his name because he’s the competition. And he’s fierce competition, I might add. Go Otherside Farms!

Taylor, via ocweekly.com


There are no dispensaries named in my statements, nor did I say all or every dispensary, and the truth of the matter is that there are bad elements to every industry. If we expect those who oppose medical marijuana to take us seriously, we ought come to some realizations about the truth. I spoke with several dispensary owners regarding the article, and they took no offense to the story, stating, “I didn’t feel it related to me.” Exactly! The opposition to medical marijuana has some legitimate concerns about our industry, and if we act like everything is just fine, then how can we expect them to think we are rational and logical thinkers? It’s funny to me that so many are offended. Then, those same people do the exact same thing to me and my family. Do we really expect the cities to want to talk to us? It seems we’re either suing them or fighting among one another. It’s unfortunate this has taken the direction it has. It’s also odd that the “Chadd McKeen openly bashes dispensaries” statement is only in [the subheadline of] the online version. Also, I don’t see where I said, “My way is the only way” or that “I am the only one doing it right.” This article and its subsequent comments have had a horrible effect on myself and family due to the local dispensaries feeling we have betrayed them, and that was not our intent at all. If our intent were malicious, or if we had stated something that was incorrect, we would apologize, but we haven’t “openly bashed” anyone or misstated the truth. We thank those of you who are supporting us, and we encourage those of you who have questions about any of this to come and talk to us in person.

Chadd McKeen, via ocweekly.com

Matt Coker responds: The 10th paragraph in my article reads, “But Chadd McKeen also warns patients that dispensaries motivated more by greed than helping sick people are selling weed that is inferior in quality or contaminated with mold, fungus or chemicals.” That does not infer all dispensaries do this—but could certainly be fairly described as “bashing.” In fact, later in the story, the director of a dispensary in town agrees with McKeen on that point (and others). Also, McKeen never told me his way is the only way, and the story does not attribute such a statement to him. An assertion like that is made by an anonymous medical-marijuana provider.

Editor’s note: While we don’t feel that the web subheadline was inaccurate, we have changed it to read “openly bashing some weed dispensaries” to make it more precise.

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