Letters From OC Weekly Readers

No wonder he’s never been laid [Matt Coker’s “The Virgin Tony,” April 23]. And no, he isn’t “on” to anything except becoming a bitter old man.

Athirson, via ocweekly.com


Boy, am I glad that I’m such a faithful reader of your ¡Ask a Mexican! column, for I am now equipped for just this occasion. What a sanctimonious, self-serving pendejo. I am also grateful that I survived—unlike mealy-mouthed blondie—a Catholic upbringing with brains intact and left that patriarchal circle-jerk.

Deborah Chasteen, via ocweekly.com

Kids, now understand that a person’s name is their calling card [Matt Coker’s “Punks vs. Suits,” April 23]. It is who they are, inside and out! If you want to do business on any level with someone called “Roach,” then think of the creepy parasite that inhabits dark cabinets and eats what you thought you put in the trash. What a shame—a roach takes advantage of the bands, the young filmmaker [Paul Young] and the current film editors (they are not filmmakers, they only cut and pasted—they are editors, with all due respect). Moral of the story: Don’t share your lunch with a roach. Didn’t Franz Kafka’s roach end up on his back with his legs flailing in the air, unable to turn over?

Lisa, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com


Jerry Roach illegally sold indie filmmaker Paul Young’s footage to someone for $20,000! That’s not controversial or punk—it’s just an old scumbag stealing something from an indie artist and selling it to someone else. Period.

Wayne Reynolds, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com


Hmmmm, what a complete disappointment! Screening a movie that isn’t yours, saying it is, and a Q&A bashing of Paul Young when he isn’t there to defend himself? What a thieving coward! Not punk at ALL! Way to go Newport Beach Film Festival! You have no morals!

El Mysterioso, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com


They stole Paul Young’s film. The Newport Beach Film Festival should NOT screen We Were Feared. End of story.

Bettershelter, West Hollywood, via ocweekly.com


These wannabe documentary filmmakers should follow the law—just like the rest of us! If you can’t clear it, YOU CAN’T USE IT! And if you just can’t cut Paul Young’s footage out of the film because it falls apart without it, then you are stealing more than footage; you are stealing Paul Young’s film.

Tracy, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com

Editor’s note: According to imdb.com, the release date of Urban Struggle: The Battle of the Cuckoo’s Nest is now 2008, instead of 1983, and Paul Young is credited as director, cinematographer, co-editor (with York Shackleton) and producer (with Shackleton, Jerry Roach and Ivan Correa). Also, the print edition of the story “Punks vs. Suits” should have noted that Annie Wharton contributed to the reporting of the story.

I’ve never been to Mizuki, nor have I read reviews on Yelp, but it sure doesn’t say much for a ramen joint when the best item it puts on the table isn’t ramen [Edwin Goei’s “Openly Flamed Ramen,” April 23].

Jay, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com


I can’t agree about the serving size. I went to Santouka (yes, I tried again!) over the weekend and ordered their small-sized special pork. In my estimation, the amount of broth and noodles in their small bowl was equal to the bowl at Mizuki—and for the same price. But a) the noodles at Mizuki are terrible, and b) the other ingredients in the bowl are almost nonexistent. Or did the chefs give you more than one piece of pork? I only got one. A few bamboo shoots, some fried bits and that was that. For the $9 at Santouka, I got seven pieces of pork belly, mushrooms, bamboo, scallions and fish cake. I just don’t think there is any comparison. Great fried rice, though? That might warrant another visit. I’m always on the hunt.

Melissa, Tustin, via ocweekly.com

Thank you, Mr. Craig Hunter, for mischaracterizing Oath Keepers [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “Who Is Craig Hunter?” April 16]. The reason it’s called Oath Keepers is that they vow to KEEP the oath that they (and you) took to support and defend the Constitution. If given orders to act against the American people (nothing about President Barack Obama, but as a result of what happened during George W. Bush’s administration and the elected and appointed leaders in New Orleans during Katrina), yes, they will stand down. If that’s a coup, I’ll eat my hat. Active-duty peace officers and military are under no obligation to follow unlawful orders. In fact, they can be charged and penalized for doing so. “I was given orders” is no excuse. Please do not speak untruthfully about an organization of which you have no knowledge.

Laura Boatright, Ontario, via ocweekly.com


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