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Wow [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “Nowhere to Haidl,” April 9]! Utterly disgusting. These guys are pathetic. I hope they all rot in hell. They should still be in prison. I cannot believe the parents of these piles of garbage go along with this nonsense. No wonder these boys are like this: They take after their garbage parents. They have no shame, no morals. I would be mortified if my son acted this way. They should be ashamed. Rather than these losers facing up to what they had done, they had daddy try to buy their way out of it. Good lesson, you losers! What goes around comes around, and the universe must have a doozy in store for all three, along with their scum-sucking parents! Can’t wait till that day!

Sgirl, via ocweekly.com


Sick then, sick now. I agree with Sgirl: The parents are responsible for the kids they raised, and both parents and kids are despicable. I hope Jane Doe’s family files a huge civil lawsuit and drives them all to ruin and bankruptcy.

AdventureGirl, via ocweekly.com


Two words for the trio: FUCK ’EM!

Thirtyplus, via ocweekly.com


Kudos to Jane Doe’s family. I could not have waited for the courts to solve this one. Some situations do call for armed conflict.

GiantBooger, via ocweekly.com


This is truly disgusting. It was only compounded by ex-lieutenant Bill Hunt, who cut [Gregory Scott] Haidl a break while he was out on bail, just to stay in the good graces of his dad. Now he wants to be our sheriff.

Disgusted, via ocweekly.com


This is the most horrible story I have ever read. These men are evil. How can someone who helped Haidl cover up an additional crime while out on bail have the nerve to run for the position of sheriff in our county?!?! It makes me sick to know that Bill Hunt helps rapists! As a woman and a mother, I know there is no excuse, and we cannot have someone who helps rapists serve as the highest law-enforcement officer in the county. Shame on Bill Hunt! And SHAME ON US IF WE ELECT HIM!!!

Scared OC Mommy, via ocweekly.com

Editor’s note: In late 2003, then-lieutenant Hunt ordered a deputy who’d been at the scene of a pot bust involving Greg Haidl to remove from an official report incriminating details against Haidl, according to a California Attorney General’s report. Haidl’s father, Don, was an assistant sheriff and technically Hunt’s boss at the time. Hunt says he asked the deputy only to remove his personal opinions from the report.

It’s little wonder that Bill Hunt was endorsed by the deputies [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “The Fall & Rise of Bill Hunt,” April 2]. He is the only candidate for sheriff who is even in the physical condition necessary to function as an actual professional peace officer. The other two are fat, out-of-shape, desk-bound functionaries who would risk cardiac arrest to even chase a mugger across a parking lot. Hunt is the pro, and his fellow law enforcers recognize and respect that. The voters should also note that Hunt is a man of the highest integrity. He was the one and only local official (acting police chief for San Clemente) who took on corruption in [Mike] Carona’s sheriff’s office. Hunt did the right thing, even though he knew it was not the best career move for him. He put the citizens of Orange County first. He took a stand for us; now it’s time for us to do our part and stand up for him.

Randel Young, via ocweekly.com


I’m voting Hunt for sheriff. We need leaders. I feel he will have a positive impact on the county.

Thomas, via ocweekly.com


This guy is a putz.

Mrgmorgan56, via ocweekly.com


I have seen the candidates in many forums, and it seems as though [Sheriff Sandra] Hutchens doesn’t want the job. [Craig] Hunter doesn’t seem to have the support, and Hunt always has the people behind him. Great article.

Cotysevan, via ocweekly.com

What a loser [Hey, You! “Foul Behavior,” April 9]. These fake tough guys are all the same. They act all tough when there’s no one around who can take them down. The minute someone more powerful than them shows up, they run like the little sissy cowards they are.

Bill Hicks, via ocweekly.com

This was a fun and informative article to read [Megan Brescini’s “Star Lords,” April 2]. Covered lots of years and some of the people who made up and make up the Orange County Astronomers (OCA). Included astronomical news concerning telescope manufacturers, businesses and the local clubs. Unfortunately, many contributors to the present OCA could not be included, but that is the way of many successful organizations. Hopefully, OCA will continue to write its own history and preserve it in the “archives.”

Art LeBrun, via ocweekly.com


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