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'She Is Just As Bad As Carona'

Cannabis is the LEAST toxic of the entire list [Dave Ferrell’s “A New Leaf,” Jan. 8]. We want to create another lawful substance that will exponentially mitigate the harm of “getting high.” And folks who enjoy the kind herb should cease to have their inalienable rights threatened by your ilk. Get your public-servant skull around the truth. Keeping cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are dispensed freely and pharmaceuticals are killing abusers is MURDEROUSLY STUPID. I think people concerned about the social consequences of drug abuse will welcome the non-toxic legalized alternative in cannabis. What George Washington said: “Sow Cannabis Indica seed EVERYWHERE.”

Richard Steeb, San Jose, via ocweekly.com

Great reporting [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “‘I’ll Make Somethin’ Up,’” Jan. 8]! [Sheriff Sandra] Hutchens is turning out to be as bad as Carona when it comes to protecting dirty cops.

Art Pedroza, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com


Hey, Sheriff Hutchens, WTF are you doing? Where’s the reform? I’ve lived here all my life and really want to know: In Orange County, is it too much to ask sheriff’s deputies to not be crooks or to have an actual reform-minded sheriff who really won’t tolerate corruption? Now we know the sound of Hutchens’ outrage when a deputy breaks a law, wrecks a drug case and lies in court: crickets.

AH, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


Looks like Hutchens needs to officially assign someone to respond to letters that are written to the OC Sheriff’s Department. . . . This is NOT the first time and obviously will NOT be the last time a letter reflecting wrongful conduct by one of her officers conveniently slipped through the cracks. Or maybe DA Tony Rackauckas should mail his concerns to the OC Sheriff’s Department via certified mail, with a signed return receipt requested to prove the letter was sent and received. Hello, people, the two largest law-enforcement agencies in the county cannot seem to get it together in the interests of justice and public safety.

Truths, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com


Idiocy on parade. A lying, bullying police officer is bad enough. What is worse is: 1) an obviously clueless judge, and 2) a dumb sheriff who doesn’t realize she should have talked to Moxley and politely refused to answer personnel questions, rather than hide and appear to be an accessory to perjury. Sandra: The OC political machine (through Rackauckas) is trying to destroy you so they can install another Carona who does what they want. Why are you taking the bait?

Anonymous, via ocweekly.com


Doesn’t sound like Sandra is doing much to clean up her department, does it? She is just as bad as Carona, and he should be in jail instead of hanging out at Captain Cream, spending taxpayers’ dollars.

D. Lane, Covina, via ocweekly.com


Everyone is focusing on the lying cops, which is the obvious problem here. But don’t ignore the role of Judge Sarah Jones or DA Claudia Alvarez. Why would Jones not play the tape? Clearly, she could have. Answer: She’s afraid of pissing off the DA. Impartial justice? Hardly. Why would Alvarez object to playing the tape? Undue time? Okay, then let the judge read the transcript. The real answer is that rather than attempting to seek justice (her supposed aim), she’s trying to win at all costs. How very sad that we have scum like that purporting to represent “the People” of OC. She doesn’t represent me because I want real justice—even if it means the cops lose face.

Paul, via ocweekly.com

If you’re angry about Tip Jars [Hey, You! “Tipped Off,” Jan. 1], blame the management, not the workers. If we had a living wage in the OC, there would probably be fewer of those jars around. And with college fees getting totally out of control, getting that good education that you referred to isn’t as simple as you make it sound. While you may have a problem with those tip jars, there are others (like myself) who do not and don’t mind putting a little extra change or a $1 bill in it from time to time. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to put anything in (I don’t recall you mentioning that there was someone putting a gun to your head and forcing you to). Anonymous’ complaint may sound trivial and even a bit silly, but it’s a symptom of a very real problem in this country. I call it the Slaver Mentality. Simply put, the Slavers are the people who treat others (gardeners, painters, counter help, etc.) like they’re some kind of indentured servant. This is an attitude that needs to be corrected before it totally corrupts our society.

Dancing Bear, Fullerton, via e-mail


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