Letters From OC Weekly Readers

'Whoa, Check Out Ariel. Disney Just Gave Me a July Stimulus Bonus.'

Last February, the Weekly started printing the weirdest/funniest/most revolting blog comment of each week on the same page as our staff box. Here are the weirdest/funniest/most revolting of the year’s .COMments.

“If it’s BROWN, flush it down.”

Albino Luciani, responding to Gustavo Arellano’s Feb. 13 Navel Gazing post “Why Is Tod Brown Letting His Latest Pedo-Priest Financially Hang?


“The new dogs are great! For a quick ‘koshering,’ just take a ripping bite around the front of the wiener, effectively circumcising it for the good eatin’ to come!”

Mike Oxbent, responding to Edwin Goei’s March 6 Stick a Fork In It post “The $1.50 Costco Hot Dog: Hebrew National Out . . . Kirkland Brand In


“Do they at least serve Li’l Debbie snack cakes in prison? I’m sure My my my my Carona can figure out a way to earn some. He’ll be popular. Gonna get to meet Ben Dover.”

Alex Brant-Zawadzki responding to R. Scott Moxley’s April 10 Navel Gazing post “Prosecutors Recommend Nine Years in Prison for Mike Carona


“We thought it was just the vibration from the illegals playing mariachi music next door. Either that, or they were having unprotected sex. Ay ay ayyyyy.”

“Ay Dios Mio!” responding to Spencer Kornhaber’s May 18 Navel Gazing post “Live From Earthquake Central!


“Who cares? He’ll just rise again in three days—because everyone knows he’s Jesus, right?”

Anonymous responding to Albert Ching’s June 25 Heard Mentality post “Updating!! TMZ Reports Michael Jackson Dead at 50


“Don’t forget OC’s newest city: Anglo Viejo.”

Anonymous, responding to Gustavo Arellano’s July 7 Navel Gazing post “Anacrime, Stabba Ana, Guadalahabra and Other Wonderful OC City Slurs


“Whoa, check out Ariel. Disney just gave me a July stimulus bonus. I think I’ll sock it away in my rainy-day fund at the Wank Bank of America. ;-)”

Derek responding to Vickie Chang’s July 17 Navel Gazing post “Dishney: Tweets From the Park


“Where have all the tax protesters gone? Easy—we call them birthers now.”

“GabachodeMichigan” responding to Matt Coker’s Aug. 20 Navel Gazing post “Where Have All the Anti-Tax Crusaders Gone?


“This ‘clan’ of entitlement-minded, Hoiles-spawned brats makes the Kennedy kids appear as workaholics.”

“RDHoiles” responding to Nick Schou’s Aug. 31 Navel Gazing post “OC Register to Declare Bankruptcy This Week?


“Let’s obliterate Huntington Beach and its Neo-Nazi garbage gene pool. . . . That way, I can get my beachfront canton along with some gabacho slaves who will do my gardening, baby-sit my 12 kids, wash my Chevy, cook my frijoles and bend over like no contortionist ever has.”

Cesar responding to Gustavo Arellano’s Sept. 4 Navel Gazing post “Candy-Ass Gang Pleads Not Guilty to Slater Slums Hate Crime; Two Like Mexi Culture?


“Oh, those vermin Republicans, always good for a laugh. I was kind of impressed to find out that the fat doughnut neck engaged in some activity other than playing his banjo in his trailer and licking mayonnaise from a spoon.”

“Todd Sputnick” responding to Matt Coker’s Sept. 10 Navel Gazing post “Ex-ASSemblyman Mike Duvall’s New Spin


“He should have known that overthrowing a foreign government is legal in the USA only if it’s the American government doing it.”

“CHS” responding to Matt Coker’s Sept. 21 Navel Gazing post “Vang Pao’s Exoneration Brings Joy to Hmong Community


“I’m all-the-way gay rights. But ‘Butt Pirates of the Caribbean’??? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.”

Chris responding to Vickie Chang’s Oct. 9 Navel Gazing post “Tweets From the Park: Homophobe Edition


“I’ll be moisturizing like a MF-er until then.”

Chris responding to Spencer Kornhaber’s Oct. 19 Navel Gazing post “Aging to End in Manhattan Beach


“California is now nothing more than a Third World country. Just wait until the Santa Ana poopers take over the state government. Pooping in elevators will be legal. Forgive us, Founding Fathers!”

Robert Rivers responding to R. Scott Moxley’s Oct. 25 Navel Gazing post “New Santa Ana Rule: Please Do Not Defecate In the Elevator


“Code H doesn’t just refer to horse feces—also human. You’d be surprised at how many visitors don’t understand they need to use restrooms, rather than find a secluded corner.”

“Another former cast member” responding to Vickie Chang’s Nov. 9 Navel Gazing post “Dishney: Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Disneyland (From a Former Cast Member)



Evan responding to Matt Coker’s Dec. 1 Navel Gazing post “Consuming Kids’ Screening Launches Mothers Against Nickelodeon


Letters may be edited for clarity and length. E-mail to letters@ocweekly.com, or mail to Letters to the Editor, c/o OC Weekly, 2975 Red Hill Ave., Ste. 150, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Or fax to (714) 550-5908.


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