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'IE-Bashing Will Never Go Out of Style'

Unreal [Nick Schou’s “Distant Karma,” Dec. 11]. Wish there could have been a little more from Brenice Lee Smith; so profound but short-lived—what a “trip” it must have been to finally be next to this man.

Ocotillo, SC, via ocweekly.com


Part of what I take from this is just how inward some people turn with LSD. This guy may think he’s doing good by sitting and praying, but helping to dig a well in a remote village or anything else with real action would seem, by any reasonable standard, to be more effective.

Steven, via ocweekly.com

My Machete are an amazing band with so much talent oozing out of them [Gabriel San Roman’s Locals Only, “Staying Sharp,” Dec. 11]. They truly are the best-kept secret in Orange County.

Pablo Magana, Orange, via ocweekly.com


This band sound best live! They’re well-worth checking out! Don’t let their age fool you: They have a mature, ahead-of-their-time sound.

Brandon, Anaheim, via ocweekly.com

OF 909S AND 34CS
C’mon, Vickie [Vickie Chang’s Trendzilla, “Hide Those Straps, Bra,” Dec. 11], I agree with you about the bra straps, but I thought the IE-bashing went away with Laguna Beach, the TV show!

Bridget, Lake Elsinore, via ocweekly.com


IE-bashing will never go out of style.

Andre, via ocweekly.com

Real, credible complaint [Hey, You! “Go, Dog, Go!” Dec. 11]: a marathoner doing a long training run on a track?

CHS, Long Beach via ocweekly.com


First, for the author, I feel your pain. I am a dog owner and -lover, as well as a runner. People, please realize that pedestrians and cyclists DO NOT KNOW your pet’s temperament, so a fearful reaction is natural and justified. Control your pet and assume the other person thinks your animal is dangerous. As for training for a marathon on a track? Well, yes, it sucks, but sometimes, it’s the safest option, so Mr. or Mrs. Idiot from Long Beach, just STFU.

Auntmo916, Aliso Viejo, via ocweekly.com


Wow, that lady was 60 years old! That means . . . hmmm . . . she gets a new dog every 20 years! Wow! That first dog must have some really bad gas! Really, though. People who don’t leash their goddamn dogs in public should be put on leashes themselves. And then thrown out the window.

Snoopy, San Pedro, via ocweekly.com


Wow. You were scared of a little lap dog injuring you. Now I know why you’re a runner and not a football player. Quit being a sissy. Perhaps being polite to one of your elders would have been more effective than a whiny rant about how a fluffy lap dog off its leash could “injure you.” LOL!

Bill Hicks, via ocweekly.com


Hey, Grandma, it is a running track, not a dog walk. Take your mutts to a dog park or walk them around your own neighborhood. And to the runner, next time just kick the dog away from you—that will teach Grandma to keep her dogs on a leash.

J-Dizzle, Irvine, via ocweekly.com

A fun article with one factual error [Nick Schou’s “Gone to the Dogs,” Dec. 11]. Barking-dog problems in Tustin aren’t handled by code enforcement, but instead are handled by Orange County Animal Care. Councilwoman Deborah Gavello reluctantly followed exactly the procedure that any resident of one of these cities faces when dealing with a completely irresponsible pet owner, and the impartial hearing officer ruled in her favor.

OC Progressive, via ocweekly.com

As the letter writer states, in Nick Schou’s Dec. 11 story “Gone to the Dogs,” it was erroneously stated that Councilwoman Deborah Gavello was alleged to have abused her power by complaining to code enforcement about a neighbor’s barking dogs. In fact, Gavello complained to Animal Care. The Weekly regrets the error.

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