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'My Monitor Is Now Covered In Diet Pepsi! LMAO!'

Good article [Nick Schou’s “Silent Treatment,” Nov. 13]! Mainstream newspapers no longer publish investigative reports like this. Keep up the good work.

Chris, Torrance, via ocweekly.com


You couldn’t pay me to go to Western Medical Center. I have family that works there, and they refuse to be treated there. It is not the staff; it is the equipment. They state some of it is being held together by duct tape! And these are cardiac monitors! Very good article. Spread the word about how unsafe it is.

Monica, Fullerton, via ocweekly.com

Why call the cops when you can anonymously provide a vague description of the incident to the OC Weekly [Hey, You! “Broken Spokes,” Nov. 13]?

CHS, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com


You must be a woman; any man would have kicked a dent in her door or busted her windshield. And it is a crossWALK, not a crossRIDE.

J-Dizzle, Irvine, via ocweekly.com

I am actually happy [Matt Coker’s “Sheriff Joe Moseys Into Town,” Nov. 13]. I see a perceptive and thought-out article from the OC Weekly. This is exactly what I would normally expect and what should have come out in the first place. Gustavo Arellano should be ashamed. Anyway, one little faux pas is this: “There was little mention from the podium of the tragic mass killing that had occurred hours earlier at Fort Hood, Texas.” Sorry, Matt. There was a prayer for those who perished. You were probably in the restroom or raiding the food line. You guys ain’t no R. Scott Moxley, but thanks for the try.

Fact Check, via ocweekly.com

Matt Coker responds: The next sentence in the article after the one Fact Check mentions is: “Don Wagner . . . did ask for everyone to keep the soldiers in their prayers during his invocation.”


Matt, thanks for covering our event; it was a pleasure to meet you. You’re right about us not saying much about the terrorist attack at the Army base. Honestly, everyone closely involved with the campaign was busy all day preparing for the event, and I know I personally had no knowledge of the attack until I returned home close to midnight that evening and turned on the news. It was a tragic occurrence, and as a Marine, I would have definitely said something about it, had I known. You’re also correct about the fact that other than sharing what Bill Hunt went through in the last election with the national podcast audience that was watching the event live, we didn’t tout the differences between Hunt and the politically appointed sheriff, Sandra Hutchens. This was a conscious decision so as to give as much podium time to the guest speakers—whom we truly believed the crowd really came to hear. Knowing they both endorse and support Hunt and that they said so during their respective times were good enough for us. This is why Hunt didn’t spend much time at the podium and, while he was there, didn’t say much about himself, either. Rest assured, we believe we have a target-rich environment to highlight the differences between Bill Hunt and Sandra Hutchens between now and the June election.

Tim Whitacre, via ocweekly.com

I finally tried Fish Grill Factory for the first time a week ago, and I thought it was pretty good [Edwin Goei’s “Fishing for Compliments,” Nov. 13]. I ordered the roughy special, which was a tasty fillet. I also got the crispy shrimp taco, which was good, and the fish taco, which was great—maybe one of the best I’ve had in a while. The meal seemed like a great deal at around $12 (including drink and tax), with all the items that I ordered at special, grand-opening prices. At regular prices, my meal would come out to $17 to $18, and it might not seem such a good deal. At those prices, I’d probably go back to the Chippy Fish & Chips.

Wonginator, Costa Mesa, via ocweekly.com


I believe two restaurants have already failed in this space, and I have a strong feeling this is going to be No. 3. That Mesa Grill BBQ concept failed miserably in the old Baja Fresh location down the road at Bristol and Sunflower. It was a similar place: lots of atmosphere, ESPN (I think), even those order-number-placard flags. And Mesa Grill had the benefit of those large apartment complexes right behind it. Fish Grill Factory’s vice president of finance needs to carefully work on keeping prices reasonable to sustain traffic, not an easy thing to do when you serve seafood. She or he needs to push the higher-margin items, such as beer and maybe those blackboard-erased appetizers, and keep the platters affordable. So far, the only thing that ever succeeded at that address was FedEx Kinko’s. I’m rooting for Fish Grill Factory to break the curse.

JB, via ocweekly.com

Dear Mexican: Thanks to you and your answer concerning our incredibly hot-and-spicy feminine nether-parts, my monitor is now covered in Diet Pepsi [¡Ask a Mexican! Nov. 13]! LMAO!

Kat, La Habra, via ocweekly.com

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