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‘From One Register Survivor to Another: Good Luck, Norberto’

A reminder that there are two-legged animals similar to Billy Joe Johnson driving in cars and living all around you [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “Drag Me to Death Row,” Oct. 30]. I would smile as I gave him the lethal injection. The only positive in this story is that there were no victims, just convicts killing convicts. NHI (No Humans Involved).

Know Em All, via ocweekly.com


NHI, are you kidding me? How dare you make a comment like that. He killed my brother Cory, who was a human! My brother never committed a violent act in his life! His only crime was his drug use, which only hurt himself. He was loved by his family! Yes, he had a drug problem, but he was still a human being and did not deserve to be beaten to death by that animal Billy Joe. What about his other victims that remain unknown? They were also human! Think how your comment makes Mrs. Miller feel—Scott was her son and also human! You are as unfeeling as Billy Joe.

H, via ocweekly.com


Johnson’s criminal career lasted more than 20 years, with five corpses, and we are just now sending him away permanently? It’s a good thing our justice system is on the ball. I’d hate to see how many people he could have killed if they’d been lax.

Sonny T, via ocweekly.com


Billy Joe is the best! I happen to be very good friends with him, and he’s right: He doesn’t lie, cheat or steal. People who do those things are the bad ones!

Knuckles, Yorba Linda, via ocweekly.com


Just think: A $3 box of condoms would have prevented this piece of s%&@ from walking this earth.

Jeff, via ocweekly.com

I guess I should be relieved you didn’t include bloggers in the slutty series of costumes [“Treat or . . . Trick!” Oct. 30]! But I would vote for Matt Cunningham as the most Jubalesque blogger. And the costume would have to include quite a few whiskers.

Art Pedroza, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com


What about Barbara Coe? Now that is a scary person.

Smoller, Orange, via ocweekly.com

Editor’s note: There was one (see "Slutty Know-Nothings").


Good luck to the Voice of OC [Spencer Kornhaber’s “A New Page,” Oct. 23]; any new effort in the arena can help us all. I do think Teri Sforza at the Watchdog does a great job, and OC Weekly has whipped us all more than once. The criticisms of potential influence by the supporters need to be heeded but aren’t any different than I faced when starting The Capistrano Dispatch newspaper in 2002: Would I pander to advertisers? Large papers can afford to watch advertisers come and go—at least they thought they could at one time—but in a community newspaper, losing your largest advertisers can put you out of business. Do you pander? Of course not. But you’re sensitive, and you’re aware the community is watching closely. Not any different here. From one Orange County Register survivor to another: Good luck, Norberto. I look forward to the first issue.

Jonathan Volzke, San Juan Capistrano, via ocweekly.com


There is a great opportunity for a new kind of journalism in Orange County. The public has grown tired of the Register and the OC Weakly—especially the OC Weakly, with writers like the closeted homosexual Gustavo Arellano. This marica has brought great shame to the large Mexican-American community of Santa Ana and throughout the county of Orange. One sure way for the newly proposed Voice of OC to fail is to hire writers like this joto. There are Mexican families who, when going camping, stop by OC Weakly newsstands and take all the newspapers. They say tightly rolled up OC Weakly newspapers are great for starting campfires.

Rogelio Sotomayor, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com

Damned shame the district attorney feels like he has to treat a decent man [Brenice Lee Smith] like that [Nick Schou’s “Felonious Monk?” Oct. 23]. Let’s say a little prayer that things come out okay. One would think the narcs would have better things to do with their time than chase down an old, long-retired man. Yet, apparently, one would be wrong about that.

Beaters, Phoenix, via ocweekly.com

OC Weekly has an immediate opening for a music editor. Chief qualifications: strong writing voice, sharp line-editing skills, wide range of musical interests, and a passion for covering the vibrant and varied local scene. Responsibilities include assigning, writing for and editing the print music section and running Heard Mentality, the Weekly’s music and culture blog. We offer competitive salary and benefits. Interested candidates should e-mail résumé and clips to editor Ted B. Kissell at OCmusic-editor@villagevoicemedia.com. No phone calls, please.

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