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‘Vinyl Lives Forever’

There’s a Hebrew school in the OC [Spencer Kornhaber’s “El Profesor (The Professor),” Oct. 9]? Erwin Chemerinsky needs to assimilate. After all, we demand that other recent immigrants do so. Erwin, does that “blank slate” include the list of UC Irvine Law alumni you hit up for donations?

CHS, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com

¿Agua purificada [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! Oct. 9]? The only water stores I’ve seen around here ripping off los mexicanos by charging 25 cents per gallon for filtered city water are chinitos.

El Gringo, Guadalahabra, via ocweekly.com


So, Gustavo, in Mexican weddings, who is responsible for decorating the donkey the newlyweds ride off on?

Santisima Malinche, via ocweekly.com

This is the biggest load of crap [Gustavo Arellano’s “Will Work for Jornaleros,” Oct. 2]! First, what is vulnerable about this population? They don’t have work in their own country and make twice as much here as a day laborer. It is a fact that the cities of Orange, Santa Ana and Anaheim have been overrun by people from south of the border who can’t even write and read in their own language. It is a fact that 70 percent of social services in Orange County go to poor Hispanics, while Americans who were born here cannot get any assistance. The ACLU is a bunch of idiots with law degrees, destroying not only this state, but this country, as well. I suggest the ACLU change its name to the MCLU—Mexican Civil Liberties Union—and go fight in a country that really needs them, to help bring about justice for the Mexican people against an incompetent government. If you want to help the day laborers, get them home and working!

Michelle Quinn, Orange, via ocweekly.com


No income tax is paid on the wages these jornaleros earn. No payroll tax is paid, either. The practice of hiring workers on the street impacts our society in profoundly negative ways. The surplus of workers chasing after few jobs should be evidence enough that we have too many jornaleros and they should leave. Plus, any demonstration by non-citizens should be banned, just as it is in Mexico.

Malinche, via ocweekly.com

Gustavo, I don’t know why this guy [El Comandante de Cinco Estrellas de los Chulos del Mundo] does not like Canadians [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! Oct. 2]. My belief is they are better than Americans because they are not as prejudiced. Usually, Americans assume everybody likes to be lazy or we Mexicans all love welfare. But I don’t like to take advantage of the system, and I like to work and do my best. I hope the idea I’ve got about Canadians is not wrong.

Chelsea, Las Vegas, via ocweekly.com


Hey, why rag on Canadians? Did they not also give us cultural icons such as Pamela Anderson and ear-splitting sirens such as Celine Dion? Where would the world be without Baywatch, which is shown in Third World countries, driving forth the image that all women in California were or can be created in Anderson’s image? And what would Las Vegas be without Dion, who employs hundreds of dancers to prance, stretch and gesticulate during those lengthy high notes? I say without the Canadian wetbacks sneaking over, our own western culture would be seriously missing some major boobage and high notes!

Kanani, Go away pervert!, via ocweekly.com

Please be thankful that most of Orange County is extremely clean, pristine and well-taken-care-of [Hey, You! “Asswipes,” Oct. 2]. I felt honored to be among people who truly keep their county clean (of course, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach were the best!). By comparison, I live in the crap can of Athens, Greece, where the people have no concept at all of cleanliness. They throw cigarette butts out the window, litter their forests and throw old mattresses on the street; recycling is an alien word for most of this sinkhole’s citizens! So, don’t be too hard on Orange County teenagers playing a prank with toilet paper because I know there will always be good Orange County folks like yourself to clean up after them! God bless Orange County!

American In Greece, Athens, via ocweekly.com

Very cool . . . vinyl lives forever [Albert Ching & Nate Jackson’s “Burgertime!” Oct. 2]. Great article!

Julia Miller, Corona, via ocweekly.com


Nate: Great work. And I love Burgers!

Tim Dunigan, Yorba Linda, via ocweekly.com


Burger Burger Burger! Mmm, how I want one now. Much love for these guys.

Bobby, Fullerton, via ocweekly.com


[Selling vinyl and cassettes only] is pretty behind the times but an awesome idea. Love it! I’m still way more attracted to vinyl and cassettes than CDs. Much support!

Caz, Tokyo, via ocweekly.com

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