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'Spencer?? Did Your Boyfriend Name You Spencer??'

I just finished reading your biased and skewed “hit piece” against Dr. Orly Taitz [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Birther Defects,” Sept. 25]. I shared it with my wife and 24-year-old son, who is active-duty U.S. Army Special Forces. The obvious and childish leftist slant gave us all a good laugh. Pathetic, uneducated lap puppies like you are still groveling at the tail of the big-eared mulatto who can’t spell Hugo Chavez without his TelePrompTer. You are a nobody who more likely than not must do the bidding of your editor by trying to do what you intolerant leftists do best: lie to the public about those who expose you and your ilk. Especially inept, pathological liars such as Barry Soetoro, or Barack Hussein MohamMAD Obama, or Obongo, or whatever the half-breed mutt calls himself these days.

You are a disgrace, Spencer. (Spencer?? Did your boyfriend name you Spencer??) You semi-illiterate ignoramus. You aren’t qualified to lick the shoes of Dr. Taitz. Go back to the bath house Spencer, or Prancer, and finish your classes to earn your high-school diploma. We Americans see through your schemes and lies. Obama is a failure and a fraud. An enormous embarrassment and a disgrace to our country. Groveling sycophants like you and your bath-house boyfriends who continue to shield his daily f***-ups are only prolonging the damage he and his Marxist comrades are inflicting upon our country.

Terrance Haggerty, San Diego, via e-mail


Hey, Spencer: You and Gustavo Arellano ought to consider making a small contribution to Orly—she has given you so much hilarious material. Neither of you could have possibly come up with the level of wackiness provided by this nutcase on your own. Unfortunately, her 15 minutes are just about up, as federal judges typically do not tolerate being trifled with very well. It should be interesting to see what happens when she files her nonsensical response to Judge Clay Lands’ show-cause order. The federal Marshal Service is likewise notorious for not having a huge sense of humor about complying with court orders. Poor Orly. I am sure she quite expects the teabaggers and Glen Beck to ride to her rescue. Reality is going to be a real bummer for her.

GabachodeMichigan, Michigan, via ocweekly.com


Spencer Kornhaber, you are taking special pleasure in seeing any threat of uncovering what Obama has spent a reported $1 million to keep sealed. You are a good man for protecting Obama. Fortunately, there are many like you in the mainstream media, and working together to stonewall discovery and discrediting investigators is working so far. I say Obama is going to be well-insulated from producing any incriminating information for the foreseeable future. Let’s hope all this digging around gets stopped before any damage to Obama gets worse.

Hussein Niaatu, Fullerton, via ocweekly.com


Paging Scott Moxley . . . Paging Scott Moxley . . . Please pick up the white courtesy phone. We don’t need a bunch of flunkies on this case. We need a REAL journalist in Judge David O. Carter’s courtroom. Unless you’re AFRAID of something. Are you? You weren’t PAID OFF by Bob Bauer, were you? Your silence is deafening.

America’s Sheriff, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com

This [Nick Schou’s “Blown Away,” Sept. 25] is such a crock of sh*t. None of it is true. I know, was there, knew everyone, and you have it all the way backward. This guy who “wrote” the book is living in a dream, trying to ride on the coattails of the cats who actually had a life. Joe Avila was a handsome, rude, aggressive guy, a bon vivant, but he was no smuggler. He knew smugglers (us) and made plenty of money, but he was just “high profile,” not the main man. And he never hung out with Griselda Blanco, the psychopathic Florida broad who basically ruined the fun for everyone everywhere. And we all know exactly why Joe was killed and by whom. No mystery at all. You’re buying into the tales of a wannabe. Guess it makes good press.

Don Caribe, Newport, via ocweekly.com

So while your people decide to ditch Mexico like a hot rock and cross the border sin permiso [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! Sept. 25], bringing their narcos armadas to our national parks and their shitty banda to our airwaves, lining up at our food banks in Escalades with spinners, you choose to answer questions about possibly racist cartoon characters? I guess all the meaty issues such as soaring teen pregnancy, school dropouts and gangs have all been solved?

Santisima Malinche, via ocweekly.com


Are you kidding? Arellano has never answered a meaty question in his column, except perhaps about pork. . . .

CB, Riverside, via ocweekly.com

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