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‘Take Up a Sport Like Shot-Put Catching’

At first, I thought this article [R. Scott Moxley’s “Who Killed Tootsie?” Sept. 4] was talking about a human being. Then, I thought it was a joke. We are talking about a dog, not a human. Are people’s lives that empty that they look to dogs for companionship?

Really?, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


I’m sorry, but pets are more than simply property to people. I’m not saying they should be equated with children, but they do provide companionship and bring joy into lives. If you dump a table in the trash, no problem; but if you throw a pet in a Dumpster, you would be charged with animal cruelty. In other aspects of the law, animals are regarded as something more than property—the animal-care industry should not be immune to these laws!

Holly, Anaheim, via ocweekly.com


The blood-sucking lawyer: “[Dr.] Craig never expressly guaranteed the dog would receive excellent care—declarations of excellent services on her veterinary practice’s website were generic and unenforceable.” So much for truth in advertising.

CB, Riverside, via ocweekly.com


To Gail M. McMahon, of Aliso Viejo: Give it up, let it go and get a life. You have way too much free time. Volunteer to assist evicted Real Housewives of Orange County. Take up a sport like shot-put catching; try base jumping (without the parachute) or midnight freeway jogging in the car pool lane. No, don’t do that. You’ll only screw up someone else’s life. Swim to Hawaii—unassisted.

imacobru, Orange County, via ocweekly.com


Attorneys can throw tons of malicious court paperwork at anyone they please; it costs them nothing but hurts the opposing party who have to pay to defend themselves, win or lose. McMahon is this person.

If someone said I’d need to spend $6,000 on my dog for surgery, I’d say, “No, thanks. I’ll keep him comfortable until he passes on or put him down.” There is a limit to what you should do for an animal whose life is short, anyway, and exists solely to make me happy. I love dogs, too; I think mine loves me. But insane veterinary medical procedures, suing for anything under the sun—well, that is just stupid.

The vet probably should have refused to do the surgery, knowing already that McMahon was a loon and would be trouble.

vindog, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


I’m sure all can agree that McMahon has suffered, as any loving pet owner would. But Tootsie was a lemon. Even if she was “the last female in a champion line,” she was a low-grade, pet-quality purebred and would never be acceptable for pedigree-breeding purposes. McMahon’s guilty feelings must come from throwing so much good money after bad. Pedigree does not imply health or good temperament. Next time, get a pound pup, mutt or pure! It’s not like the world is suffering for lack of dogs. But hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs (and cats) are suffering for the purebred “dog fancy” of many owners.

Spay/neuter your pets!

mariposa, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com


When the words “dog” and “love” are used in the same refrain, I get a little nervous. How is it that people can love a dog? It’s just a little odd and shows how empty these people’s lives have become. Additionally, I just can’t get my mind around the idea that anyone should recover “emotional distress” for the loss of an animal. However, I do agree that you should get the fair market value of the dog.

TheHorror, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


It’s stupid idiots like McMahon who back up the court systems and waste taxpayers’ time and money. This woman obviously has no life (and not just because she’s a lawyer, either!), and if she is still mourning her dog after four years, you know she’s a nutcase, too! Yes, I love my animals, but they are pets, even though they are part of our family. Now if someone maliciously killed one of my pets, I’d probably go after them myself and kick their a$$, but this was something that just happened. Please, lady, go to Condom Revolution and relieve your stress! You’re stupid!

chicomex, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


I love my dogs. They get the best care and food and play sports. I opted not to have children, and for all intents and purposes, they are my kids. That said, this lawsuit is ridiculous. There are enough frivolous lawsuits without bringing a new low into it. I have worked at a vet’s office; no vet wants his or her patients to die. Tootsie had a congenital defect—what’s next? Sue the breeder? The shelter? I lost my favorite dog last year—best dog I ever had—and I was and, at some level, still am devastated. But let’s put it in perspective: It is a dog!

Karin, Phoenix, Arizona, via ocweekly.com

I would take an hour of Gore Vidal reading George Bernard Shaw [Matt Coker’s “The Liberal Trifecta,” Sept. 4] vs. any two minutes of Republican bloviation. Senator George McGovern’s loss in 1972 will forever be one of this country’s great lost opportunities.

Daniel Molitor, Pasadena, via ocweekly.com

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