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‘How Many Kids Does It Take to Drive a Friend Home?’

Yvonne Elizondo’s connection to her gang [Daffodil J. Altan’s “Ganged Up,” Aug. 14] and the Mexican mafia are more important than the safety of her community and children. She allowed an unlicensed driver to load her car full of kids, including a toddler who is not in a car seat. Great judgment. How many kids does it take to drive a friend home? Sounds like a bunch of gangsters going cruising for trouble to me. This woman is not fit to be a parent. Thanks to the police for doing their job.

Stan Switck, Surf City, via ocweekly.com


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I don’t know about most of you, but I am fed up with the way most of these so-called “police officers” treat people. Like one of the people who commented about being pulled over because they looked “suspect,” I, too, have been harassed like that on my way to work. Always the same B.S.: “You look like a suspect we are looking for” or “Your car matches the description in a robbery.” I’ve heard it all before. I even have had guns pulled out on me a couple of times—once when I was on a date. They did the whole show of having us stick our hands out the windows, etc. They even cuffed us and sat us on the curb. Any of you guys know how embarrassing and humiliating it is when you haven’t done a DAMN thing and have people drive by and look at you like you’re some sort of criminal? By the way, I’ve never belonged to a gang nor do I have a criminal record. But try arguing with these bastards, and see what happens. Once they see that they have nothing on you or don’t have a reason, all they say is “Oops, sorry! We made a mistake. Drive safely.” Sometimes, they don’t even apologize. The cops in OC and LA are no better than corrupt cops in Mexico. The only difference is that the ones here don’t take bribes . . . or, at least, I don’t think they do. In LA, the biggest mafia we have is the LAPD!

Guest, Boyle Heights, via ocweekly.com

I broke out laughing at your “Hey, You!” column [“Free to Be You and Me,” Aug. 21] in which “Anonymous” assured the Muslim dad who glared at him as he kept watching his prepubescent daughter that he was not a pervert. Hello! The prophet Mohammad married the 6-year-old Aiesha when he was in his 50s! This Muslim dad—and all Muslims—worship a man who had unlimited sex with a prepubescent child. Now, let’s all be motherfucking cowards and not talk about this historical fact.

Scott H., Huntington Beach

I’m so jealous that this person [Hey, You! “He Really Smoked That Ball,” Aug. 28] can feel so confident (rightly so) in California to condemn smokers and not feel guilty or even get any serious opposition to this anti-smoker view. Unfortunately, in Greece, where smokers rule, as the non-smoker, I’m the outcast, the whiner, complainer, etc. when I ask (nicely) for them not to smoke near my infant child, and in the end, I find myself leaving the restaurant, venue, etc. to avoid their ignorant selves. Enjoy your smoke-free environments. Some of us in the world don’t have that luxury yet.

American in Athens, via ocweekly.com


Typical SoCal melodramatic pansy (didn’t know they let you ride that high horse on the course). By the way, if you’re living in OC, LA or San Bernardino, you’re already inhaling this shit and worse on a daily basis (i.e., city air). Somebody ought to make a law against that city-air stuff . . . oh, yeah. How’s that global-warming legislation coming along for ya?

Anonymous, OC, via ocweekly.com

This is why I love the OC Weekly: for telling us about great music and great people [Daffodil J. Altan’s “Fandango!” Aug. 28].

Brenda, Garden Grove, via ocweekly.com

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