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‘The First Person to Light Up a J Is Going to Get My Blessing’

From the article I just read [R. Scott Moxley’s “Blood Money,” July 31], I see sufficient evidence for a guilty verdict, just like those 11 sane jurors. An 11-to-one verdict for guilt usually shows the hold-out was paid off or a product of Idiotsville and/or Stubbornville.

American Christian Infidel, Michael Canzano, via ocweekly.com

Ahhhh, Albert—ya shoulda seen the whole No Doubt rise back in the day. . . [Albert Ching’s “No Doubt It Out Loud,” July 31]. They headlined the first show at the Glass House back in ’95. Really, though, the hardcore late-’80s No Doubt fans abandoned them after they ditched their horn section. And now, they belong to the world.

Rich Kane, Portland, Oregon, via ocweekly.com


No Doubt fits Orange County to a T: shallow, vapid and disposable.

Ya Basta, via ocweekly.com

When at the fair the other night for the Moody Blues concert, I was thinking to myself, ‘The first person who lights up a smoke in a crowded venue like this is going to hear from me; however, the first person to light up a J (legal or not) is going to get my blessing.’ I only smelled the latter, thank goodness. The idiot here was the wife who lit up a cigarette [Nick Schou’s “Where There’s Smoke,” July 24]! Had she not done that, my guess is none of it would have happened.

Healthy Fortysomething Female, via fax

I don’t see how a Bible is disturbing your peace at a hotel [Hey, You! “Giddy Up, Gideon,” July 31]. It is in a drawer if you need it or want it. If not, I don’t know why it would bother you enough to even write about it. The Gideons have been doing this for a long time. It isn’t like they are knocking on the hotel door to bother you. God bless the volunteers who place these Bibles. In an uncertain world, there is a comfort in knowing wherever you travel, there is a Bible in your hotel room.

Marie, via ocweekly.com


Just what kind of a marriage do you have that a book is bugging the hell out of you in the hotel? If I were in a hotel room and about to bang my wife, I sure as hell wouldn’t be worried about what book got left to collect dust in the nightstand drawer. Besides, it’s not like you were forced to read it. Jeesh!

GM, Los Alamitos, via ocweekly.com

I went to Andrei’s for my 30th wedding anniversary and had a great time [Edwin Goei’s “Braising Consciousness,” July 31]. I loved the décor. The waterfall was beautiful, and everything went together so well. My husband and I enjoyed the food and walked out full, which is unusual. I didn’t think they were overpriced, and the staff was extremely nice. I’m also a flight attendant with a major airline, flying since April 1972, and have been around the world many times. That being said, it’s nice to see clean-cut staff.

Andrea Criscione, Walnut, via ocweekly.com

There’s no need to save up for college for those girls [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! July 31]. My Mexican-American wife reports that at her college-graduation party, an aunt asked, “So, mija, when are you going to do something really important, like get married or have a baby?” Before that moment, mi esposa thought she had achieved something “really important.” Guess not.

CHS, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com

With 15 awards for stories published in 2008, OC Weekly won more Orange County Press Club honors than any other publication at a July 28 banquet at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. The Weekly’s first-place award winners were: Gustavo Arellano for the Real OC Award (“The Last One,” May 22, 2008); Best Theater, Music and Entertainment Story (“The Naranjero Blues,” Jan. 31. 2008); and, along with Edwin Goei, Best Food Story (“Brother, Can You Spare a Taco?” Aug. 7, 2008); R. Scott Moxley for Best Feature Story (“Hate & Death,” July 17, 2008) and Best Columnist (Moxley Confidential); Nick Schou for Best Series (coverage of Orange County jail beatings); and Matt Coker for Best Business Story (“Who’s Your Addy?” Aug. 28, 2008).

Moxley was also a second-place finisher for Best News Story. Third-place awards were given to: Vickie Chang for Best Business Story; Arellano for Best News Story and Best Columnist; Coker for Best Feature Story and Best Theater, Music and Entertainment Story; and Schou and Coker (tie) for Best Humorous Story.

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