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‘I’m Sure Your Behind Is Extremely Curvaceous, With Lines to Rival a Sports Car’s’

Thank you for publishing the fabulous article on Mike Hynson [Nick Schou’s “After the End,” July 10 ]. I’m old enough to have watched all that go down (my brother was at Rainbow Bridge), but too young to have gotten involved. I’ve owned several Hynson boards, and they were the best boards I’ve ever used. Even today, Hynson is the word’s best surfboard maker, bar none.

Joe Thomas, Capistrano Beach, via mail


Money is paper. Life is short. Surfing the ocean is baptism. Surfers are the happiest people to ever walk the face of the planet Earth in all human history.

Cove Rider, Dana Point, via ocweekly.com

On behalf of the Center for Oral and Public History at Cal State Fullerton, I would like to thank you for recently publishing an outstanding review of our newest publication, A Different Shade of Orange: Voices of Orange County, California, Black Pioneers [Gustavo Arellano’s “Black and Proud,” July 10]. We not only received several requests directly to our office for copies of the book, but individuals were also eager to share their copies with co-workers and neighbors. It just shows that people are curious about the history of the area where they live and work. With the constant influx of new residents, there will always be an audience for this sort of information.

We will continue to work to preserve Orange County history.

Kathleen Frazee, via e-mail

In comment to my mention in your story [Albert Ching’s “The Real Douches of OC,” July 17], I didn’t get flak for booking Unwritten Law. But it was interesting to me how the phrases “Hoobastank acoustic at Sutra” and “Unwritten Law acoustic at Sutra” really stirred strong emotions in folks. They either hated it or loved it. But booking shows that stir reactions is better than booking shows that no one cares about.

I found the vibe at both Hooba and Unwritten Law shows really pleasant, with a pretty diverse group of concertgoers in attendance. Sutra’s doing a kick-ass job of bringing in top-notch talent and promoters right now. I’m stoked to see what they have in store.

Ashley Eckenweiler, Newport Beach, via ocweekly.com

I recently moved to Lake Forest and noticed Chong Qing Mei Wei restaurant on my way to Starbucks [Gustavo Arellano’s “Hot! Hot! Hot!” July 17]. Since my hometown is Chong Qing (famous for its spicy food), I couldn’t wait to give it a try. My first order was some cold dishes from their bar along with sliced beef in spicy soup. They taste just like grandma’s cooking! I was surprised to find such authentic Sichuan food outside Chinatown and Monterey Park. It’s definitely worth trying, and the prices are so reasonable. I would highly recommend it to anyone into spicy food.

Spring Z., Lake Forest, via ocweekly.com

There’s no accounting for the caveman-like behavior of the species carrying the XY chromosomes [Hey, You! “It Takes a Big Ass to Know One,” July 17]. I’m sure your behind is extremely curvaceous, with lines to rival a sports car’s. The person who wrote in could never handle you, therefore he degraded you. Kinda like trashing people with a Ferrari or Lambo, all the while wishing you had one. Just a little something to make you feel better and put that day in perspective.

CasualObserver, Laguna Niguel, via ocweekly.com


Absolutely glorious! As OC’s Premier Bike Blogger, I commend you for printing this most excellent rant. Many motorists consider cyclists as not belonging on the road with them and have little understanding of the laws saying we belong, that we’re vehicle drivers just as they are.

They take every opportunity to try to put us down, and while mostly these efforts are verbal in nature, on occasion, they can be more dangerous. I’ve even had a car passenger lean out the window and give me a shove so hard that, if I’d been going faster than 5 mph, it would have knocked me off-balance and led to possible serious injury!

Kiril “The Cycling Dude” Kundurazieff, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com


I just had to send you an e-mail of praise thanking you for that letter to the jackass yelling to the female with the curves! All I can say is you definitely have a fan of your column now, and I plan on spreading the word.

Sweet Thang, via e-mail


This same thing happened to my sister while riding on her moped. Some guy kept dodging her up and down the street with his car and finally hit her with his passenger-side mirror. She ended up getting hurt pretty badly, and the jerk floored his car so she couldn’t get his license-plate number. Thank God for good Samaritans because a couple of people pulled over to help her up, and one even gave her a ride home after seeing the damage done to her and her moped.

Fee Fee, Fullerton, via ocweekly.com


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