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'You Don't Speak Well. Period'

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I think you're wrong [Dave Segal's Locals Only, "I Hate Kate," June 20] . In fact, the majority would disagree, and if that doesn't give you the hint that maybe you should listen to a whole album before you critique it. It has a unique sound that doesn't discriminate. "If I say that bands like I Hate Kate are a dime a dozen these days, it doesn't speak well of dimes—or these days, for that matter"? You don't speak well. Period.

Leah, via e-mail

In the ["The Simple Pleasures of an OC Summer," June 13], under the category "Alfresco Films," you neglected to mention the Movies on the Fox in Fullerton. Once a month, they are projected on the outside back wall of the old Fox Fullerton Theatre, which is undergoing restoration. The parking lot behind the theater serves as an auditorium where people set up lawn chairs and blankets, bring their picnic dinners, or get food to go from Angelo's and Vinci's, adjacent to the Fox.

Mary Sampson, via e-mail

Thanks for the article [Nick Schou's "Dude, I Stole That Car!" July 4]. I voted against the three-strikes law because I knew that it would be used to lock up small-time offenders. People do far less time for murder than this car thief did. It's an outrage. Car theft should be punished by restitution. You should only go to prison for noncompliance.

Torabora, via e-mail

As a friend of George Michael's, I have to tell you, that's my favorite review of any he's ever received [Kurt B. Reighley's "Rebel Without Applause," June 26]. Thank you.

Anonymous, via e-mail

This is short note letting you know that the article on George Michael being the rebel that America does not recognize is by far one of the best articles I have ever read about him, my music idol of 24 years. Most American press articles about George Michael are an open admission of ignorance, but this one is not. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Pranav, via e-mail

It's finally happening for Enfamus [Rex Reason's Aural Reports, "Def and Texas," July 4]. These guys are really cool people to be around. I help them a little just getting to the studio and to their photo shoots and stuff like that. They're some of the best friends I have ever met, and I am behind them 100 percent with every choice they make. The album is amazing, and they're all very talented. They have many more albums to come; in my opinion, they will never be one-hit wonders because they have more than one hit on their first album alone. Trust me. I've been listening to it for a few months, and it's great. Lot of potential.

John Eakers, via e-mail

I was just reading Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! column. I always read that column while I enjoy coffee and a bagel at my favorite It's a Grind coffeehouse. But this time, I noticed another column you run called Hey, You! What a great idea, giving people the chance to vent or appreciate one another in a public forum that is a bit more mature than the Internet. I also appreciate that your paper is not so tight on the use of certain four-letter words that are sometimes needed to truly get your point across. I think that's another sign of maturity. We all get angry, and when we do, it doesn't always hurt to get someone's attention with a curse word placed in just the right part of a sentence. Anyhow, thanks for putting out an entertaining and informative paper that I can truly relate to.

Brian, via e-mail

While I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the great work you do [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican!], I must remind you that you are basically carrying the responsibility of an entire nation by writing what you do, and you are doing it the best way possible. Your columns may appear entertaining to a lot of people, but there is a lot more to all this than entertainment. I also thank the OC Weekly for letting you do this; you are taking many attacks on our behalf, yet we've got the best defender in you.

Marcos Estrada, via e-mail

This column is the most racist propaganda I've ever seen. I can't believe this publication prints it. It's crap. Every single article is about how stupid white people are and how great Mexicans are. Why doesn't the hack author try bringing people together for a change, instead of driving them apart along racial lines? It's disgusting.

Joe Sixpack, via e-mail

The Weekly has an immediate opening for a part-time Clubs Editor. This person must be well-versed in the mysterious ways of the OC/Long Beach nightlife scene—but not so far into it that he or she can't write about it coherently the next day. The main duties involve database work: compiling the Weekly's comprehensive print and online Club Guide listings. The Clubs Editor also writes descriptive capsule reviews of local watering holes, dance halls and other nightspots. As an hourly, part-time position, the Clubs Editor position does not come with benefits. Please sent a résumé, cover letter and writing samples to Ted B. Kissell, Editor, OC Weekly, 1666 N. Main St., Ste. 500, Santa Ana, CA 92701, or e-mail tkissell@ocweekly.com. No phone calls, please.


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