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‘If You’re Going to Whore Yourselves, Lower the Bar Some More’

Mike Hynson was one of the surfers I followed as a kid [Nick Schou’s “After the End,” July 10]. I had my own drug-dealing days, my own acid experience, saw The Endless Summer at 15 and Rainbow Bridge at 18, and took off surfing anywhere I could afford. Today, it’s a very plastic world for surfers. Mike is perhaps the one surfer to whom I related spiritually. He was truly a free-spirit surfer—more so than any other. It’s sad in some ways (in others, it’s expected) when you look at surfing as a whole, as an era experience, where sometimes you can cross over, and sometimes you can’t. But then there are those like Mike who set the standard. Surfing Guru is the only way to describe him. God bless you, brother.

Terry, Melbourne, Australia, via ocweekly.com


I have always thought that involvement in the drug culture was so utterly stupid. I can only wonder how much more satisfying Mike’s life would have been if he’d not gotten involved in illegal drug activity and been stoned most of the time. Doing drugs is such a stupid waste of one’s life. Bruce Brown should have shared some of the wealth with Mike, but I have the feeling Mike would have just blown it on drugs.

Stan Switek, Surf City, via ocweekly.com

Amsterdam Smoke Shop & Red Light District, Free Marijuana, Marijuana Works, Real Horny Girls, Homosexuals and Cheap Sex Action—all of these are from advertisements in your paper.

Gee, OC Weakly [sic], I wonder why you don’t have any hit-man ads. You’re also missing out on heavy ad dollars you could rake in from the pedophiles. If you’re going to whore yourselves, lower the bar some more. Don’t be transvestite pussies.

Alan Travis, Chicago, Illinois, via ocweekly.com

Out of all the “legendary” burger places in Southern California, TK Burger is one of only two that I actually think is worthy of any praise [Edwin Goei’s “McDifferent,” July 10].

I know I’m going to get death threats for saying this, but I just don’t understand the fuss over that other place that has “double-doubles” on the menu.

To the owner of TK: Keep up the good work. I do wish you’d accept credit cards, though. I’d visit more often and still tip your nice-looking staff in cash.

JB, via ocweekly.com

I very much enjoyed reading the well-thought-out and well-composed article about cuts in funding to Planned Parenthood [Daffodil J. Altan’s “Squeezed Out,” July 3]. However, I found myself seething with disdain afterward. I needed a way to vent my anger, and in lieu of hitting a small child (which would have been somewhat comically ironic), I decided to craft a letter. I thought of all the eloquent ways to express how vexed and annoyed I—and many others I have talked to—feel about this latest unjust conservative attack and how this will sting as a whole, from the low-income teen seeking birth control to avoid a heart-wrenching decision to the woman who would benefit from a comprehensive breast-cancer clinic (God forbid that women get affordable help). I then thought of taking a more sarcastic approach: So what if the money, which did not come from taxpayers, never actually went to abortion services—cut it anyways! But, instead of spewing hatred and disgust or cynicism and sarcasm, I decided to say to Lila Rose and her conspirators that you are bad people. Bad people who deceive and manipulate without reservation or thought of who will be hurt and whose livelihoods are jeopardized. Just know that karma has a comically ironic way of coming back around.

Dylan, Irvine, via e-mail


My wife recently lost her mother to uterine cancer. I also learned recently that my ex-wife had her uterus removed because of cancer. So I asked my 25-year-old daughter if she gets routine Pap smears, and she said no. Since her divorce, she has lost her health-care coverage and cannot afford it. I made her call the county health department, who in turn directed her to Planned Parenthood. The last time she had a Pap smear performed, she was advised to have more tests completed, but money was running out. She since had the tests completed; abnormal cells were found, and now, thanks to Planned Parenthood, she may be spared the loss her mother and my wife’s mother had to endure. I would like to thank the author of this article for naming names. Hopefully, these supervisors are up for re-election and will be replaced by Democrats!

John G., Garden Grove, via ocweekly.com

In Gustavo Arellano’s July 10 story “Black and Proud,” former Register reporter Tommy Enomoto was misidentified, both in the story and in a photo caption, as Carl Enomoto. The Weekly regrets the error.

Also in the July 10 issue, in Dave Barton’s art review, “Going Postal,” Irvine Fine Arts Center curator Matt May was misidentified as Matt Nay. The Weekly regrets the error.


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