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‘Thanks for Exposing (Again) What a Wackjob John Moorlach Is!’

What is wrong with these “right to life” people [Daffodil J. Altan’s “Squeezed Out,” July 3]? It’s like they are completely disconnected from the trials, tribulations and challenges of young adulthood. Right-to-life is a smokescreen shaming young women and men. Planned Parenthood gives kids an option to protect themselves. We’re hurting our children when we criminalize and politicize the natural trappings of growing up. Young women desire the option to protect themselves and learn how to be safe without the overbearing intrusion of their parents. If you raise your kids right, they make good decisions. We rock, talk, write and use our talents to achieve, not destroy. A young woman needs birth control, and you want to shame them by taking away public resources? It doesn’t make sense.

Scott, Dana Point, via ocweekly.com


Lila Rose and Mark Bucher should be commended for pointing out this abuse of public funds. Funding Planned Parenthood with any county funds adds money to their coffers for all their programs—including abortions. I’m glad to see there will be more transparency in the future.

T. Warneke, Orange, via ocweekly.com


I wish OC Weekly would have used the term “anti-choice” instead of “pro-life.” And thanks for exposing (again) what a wackjob John Moorlach is!

Freedom Fighter, Newport Beach, via ocweekly.com


I respect what Planned Parenthood brings to a community, especially disadvantaged individuals and youth who would otherwise have few options. Pro-choice is exactly that—giving a choice to those who otherwise have little in their lives. Shame on these conservative-minded individuals on the board who are pulling funding from Planned Parenthood, a program that honorably serves a vulnerable population. The board obviously does not wish to further the education of anyone. I’m surprised they aren’t passing out Bibles at school and burning science books! Upholding Christian values to bar greater public health education is not beneficial to the vulnerable segments of our population who use Planned Parenthood’s health services. Shame on you for not protecting our youth and underserved population. The rich in South Orange County pay for their own abortions and health care; now, who will help the others?

Angie, Cerritos, via ocweekly.com


I would be living a different life if I hadn’t had the option of discreetly obtaining birth-control pills from Planned Parenthood as a teen. Since parents, church and school did not convince me to abstain, Planned Parenthood provided an option that kept me from becoming another teen-pregnancy statistic. Now, I am a married parent by choice, not accident, with a blossoming career. I will return the favor with financial support for this invaluable county asset. Thanks for the heads-up, OC Weekly. I am saddened that these folks with their moral façades continue to rally in our back yard. Someday, their daughters may be in the same situation I was as a teen.

Mic, Costa Mesa, via ocweekly.com


I’m sure Miss Rose sleeps well at night simply because she has not thought of, nor taken on responsibility for, the huge group of her peers who will suffer because of her misguided and poorly thought-out crusade. I am quite sure her “funding” is in direct contrast to the ones she’s depriving, as well as her being financially “above” the group of individuals she’s harmed with her actions. Yes, I’m quite sure she sleeps well.

Fipmem, Costa Mesa, via ocweekly.com


So the Board of Supervisors doesn’t like sex education. Then, by all means, let’s do away with education, since it so obviously doesn’t do any good! The decision of how to use tobacco money, which by law is supposed to be used for indigent health care, should be left to the physicians and clinics like Planned Parenthood, who know where the need is. It should not be made by a bunch of politicians who hide behind the word “morality.” This kind of nonsense is like asking a tailor to fix your car. Abortion is legal and, God willing, will stay that way. Politicians should be forced to comply with the law and not be allowed their petty discriminations.

Gigi, Laguna Beach, via ocweekly.com

In Daffodil J. Altan’s “Squeezed Out” [July 3], Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell was incorrectly identified as John Campbell. The Weekly regrets the error.

In Matt Coker’s article “Take These Chains” [also July 3], an incorrect estimate was given for the number of slaves worldwide. According to the World Factbook at CIA.gov, “The International Labor Organization, the UN agency charged with addressing labor standards, employment and social-protection issues, estimates that 12.3 million people worldwide are enslaved in forced labor, bonded labor, forced child labor, sexual servitude and involuntary servitude at any given time.” The Weekly regrets the error.


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