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‘Those Eyelashes Say It All’

Paul Walters is a good man [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “Sources: Walters Won’t Run,” June 26]. I wish him well and hope that Sandra Hutchens doesn’t disappoint us.

Michael, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com


Thanks for the update on the wheelchair rip-off guy [David Allen Gunther]. I only wish the ADA law got the job done without letting scumbags and their fourth-tier lawyers get rich off it.

Jennifer Bingham, Los Angeles,via ocweekly.com

Although I love MMOs (I’m a Lord of the Rings Online player, as is most of my family), I didn’t really catch the World of Warcraft fever, even though Blizzard headquarters is practically in my back yard [Dave Barton’s “Make Love Not Warcraft,” June 26]. I think I’m going to take my husband to this show and maybe give WoW and its art a second chance. Graphics and art-wise, most players defer to LOTRO, so I’m curious how an art museum will present the game.

Aitana, Irvine, via ocweekly.com

While Orly Taitz sounds like a bit of work, Spencer Kornhaber is misleading about this issue [“Birth of an Obsession,” June 19]. At the start of the article, he lists things that he thinks aren’t true. What he fails to understand is that the Hawaiian law was clearly intended to be retroactive. The date it was passed doesn’t matter. That law refers to those born in the “territory” of Hawaii, and the territory of Hawaii ceased to exist in 1959.

If Kornhaber can’t get that right, should you trust his judgment? Everything on that page is factually correct, no speculation involved. At the end of the summary, there’s a challenge for people like Kornhaber involving simply picking up the phone and asking Hawaii some questions. None of the “anti-birthers” have had the guts to take up that challenge.

24AheadDotCom, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com


I love the fact that those people who accuse Obama of being a “foreigner” conveniently forget that Congress quietly passed special legislation allowing John McCain to run for the presidency, since he wasn’t born in the U.S. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which is technically not part of the United States, so Congress had to pass this legislation to make it “legal” for him to become president, had he won.

Funny how many people don’t care, or even know about this, since it’s “obvious” that McCain is a “real” American, anyway, regardless of where he was born—meaning a white male from a wealthy and prominent family.

Robert Bartholomew, Seattle, via ocweekly.com


Congratulations! I noticed your Orly article was picked up by Ben Smith at Politico and David Weigel at the Washington Independent! Weigel said, “Spencer Kornhaber has a fantastic piece about ‘birthers’ up at the OC Weekly.” Bask in the glow!

Anonymous, via e-mail


Those eyelashes say it all.

LBCityGirl, via ocweekly.com

Writers are very near the bottom rung of the social ladder [in response to Letters, June 12]? Yikes, how long is this ladder anyway? The last time I checked, writers were rungs above lawyers, real-estate agents, land developers, stock brokers, bankers, used-car salesmen, insurance agents, politicians, pan handlers, evangelists, lobbyists, etc. Let me put it this way: Writers, surfers, musicians and artists stand on the fourth rung of society’s one and only ladder. Above them stand hookers and newsstand owners. Babies, mothers and good fathers crown the second rung. And, of course, the one and only—no, not OC Weekly, but God—stands on the top rung. The rest of you listen to our music, buy what we write, look at our art, which includes surfing between visits to hookers and other matronly sorts, then hold the church door for the young family on your way in to pray for forgiveness. By the way, what can God say to a lawyer that Satan hasn’t already said? That’s what I thought.

Johnny Transistor, via e-mail

After reading this article [Nick Schou’s “The Weed Machine,” June 12], I must say, as a marijuana-delivery-service employee, my experiences are not like what you’ve described. Every patient I’ve worked with has been seen by a social worker in their home. Most of our patients are bed-bound, 80 percent are over 35 years old, and 55 percent are over 50. Their common statement is that they want off the hard-core chemical drugs being pushed on them, namely oxycodone.

I have not met any patients who are medicating with cannabis merely for the high. I have one patient whom I met curled up on her couch in the fetal position with overwhelming IBS. After 15 minutes and two medicated doses, she was sitting up and talking. I have so many stories, including those of brain-cancer victims whose lives are being saved by this. It is important to tell the whole story, not just the story of business owners, but of the social workers and nurses involved as well.

Anakka, via ocweekly.com

The photo of Josh Freese playing with the Vandals at the Hollywood Palladium [“Pay for Play,” June 26] should have been credited to Andrew Youssef. The Weekly regrets the error.

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