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‘What She Does Excel at Is Lying (and Perhaps Karate)’

You ran a cover story relating to Barack Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Birth of an Obsession,” June 19]. While you did try to provide a more balanced record of events than you have on prior occasions, there are some very serious errors that need to be corrected.

For example, you quoted me as saying that there will be a rebellion, that I support it whole-heartedly. I never said that. There is a lot of disinformation about me on blogs, and that is an example.

You also completely misrepresented the issue of the pending decision on my request for default against Barack Hussein Obama, filed on behalf of Alan Keyes et al. in Santa Ana’s Central District Court. The service was not just dropped. I served Obama as an individual (it is on the face of the pleadings), and I served him on Jan. 20, inauguration day, for his actions prior to becoming the president. If you don’t publish this and claim that I just dropped service, you defame me as an attorney.

Then you ridiculed my forensic experts. I presented a statement from a top forensic-document examiner, who stated that the Certification of Live Birth posted by Obama on the Internet cannot be relied upon as genuine and the original needs to be examined by the experts. None of the yahoos writing on Checkpoint.com are document experts, and clearly, their opinion has zero value.

Finally, this is not a major issue, but the picture you posted of me is really bad. As I recall, your photographer stated that he felt like he was shooting a picture of a Russian Marilyn and nobody would believe that I am a dentist. I am not sure it was such a great picture, but there are more than 3 million people residing in Orange County, and it brings awareness to the issue, so I guess it is a start.

Dr. Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq., via e-mail


Orly Taitz is a little off her rocker, but that doesn’t take away that she’s an incredibly attractive cougar. I see her on the next Real Housewives of OC!

J. Bush, Mission Viejo, via ocweekly.com


People like Taitz make me ashamed to call the OC home and reinforce misperceptions of our county as home to a bunch of backward bigots. This woman is a bad lawyer, a bad dentist and a terrible person. What she does excel at is lying (and perhaps karate).

Slyvan, Anaheim, via ocweekly.com


What!? A white bigot from South OC still sore about losing the election? Nonsense. The right-wing water-heads in South County have been nothing but gracious losers since Obama took office. Oh, wait, I’m totally wrong. People like this only prove that the vile and terrible slime that inhabit areas such as South OC are just as narrow-minded and racist as a Klan rally. I would be nervous to have this woman as my dentist. What happens if she goes into an Obama hate frenzy while she is drilling your teeth?

Dirty Birdy, Costa Mesa, via ocweekly.com


I am amazed at you zombies. Those of you who have taken the Obama and Democrat serum have been transformed into mindless dolts. There is NO proof about any document on Obama. If there is, please show me, and I will have at least some tangible evidence. Just get the document the image was made from—that is not asking too much, is it? There is no other HARD proof available. If there is, you guys win. Simple as that. Show me what you got. Not a computer image, either; I want hard documents in my hand. That simple. I have reams of hard proof that he needs to prove who he is. So, as I said, PROVE IT with hard evidence, not an image.

Robert DeBeaux, Fort Worth, Texas, via ocweekly.com


Hi, Orly. I’m watching you. Watch your back. Muahahaha!

“President Obama,” The White House, via ocweekly.com

Regardless of who crashed into whom, both parties were drinking and driving [Nick Schou’s “Adenhart’s Driver Also Was DUI,” June 19]. Courtney Stewart could have caused a fatal crash in the blink of an eye just as easily. This will be a very interesting case. The lesson to be learned is to take a cab. It’s cheaper, safer and smarter.

Know Em All, via ocweekly.com


It’s terrible and tragic losing a child. My heart goes out to the parents of all the young people involved in this horrible accident. I just want to say to the mother of [Courtney Stewart] that the young girl is also at fault because, no matter who caused the accident, her daughter was also driving illegally if she was drunk.

Fair Person, Orange, via ocweekly.com

My wife and I are still laughing (and applauding) six hours after reading your article on a ride-along with the local pot-delivery guy [Nick Schou’s “The Weed Machine,” June 12]. It’s classic. After 30 years in OC, we never thought we’d see the day when you could make a phone call, place an order and have a bag of weed delivered to your door—and it’s perfectly legal if you have a state ID.

Scott Marshutz, Laguna Niguel, via e-mail


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