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‘$75 for an Eighth? WTF?!’

I am a huge Nick Schou fan, and this article is one of his best [Nick Schou’s “The Weed Machine,” June 12]. It was hilarious! Please keep him on this type of “investigation” because I’m sure he’d love to “research” the topic of marijuana more in the future.

OC Reader, via ocweekly.com


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Driving pot deliveries around would be a dream job for me, too. Except you’d really need a motorcycle to get around, and screw the GPS. I’d just look everything up on Google Earth and plot my own damn route. Or maybe that requires too much brain work for the stoners. Great article, though!

Bob Loblaw, Silicon Valley, via ocweekly.com


I am 110 percent for medical marijuana, but it is too expensive. $75 for an eighth? WTF?!

ADHD, via ocweekly.com


Potheads are just another reason why our country is falling apart. By the way, have you noticed that most of the people in this story are strange and/or live in apartments? Why do losers always live in apartments?

Jon, Fullerton, via ocweekly.com

Proposition 8 proponents claim to be defending family values [Dave Barton’s “Prop(aganda) 8,” June 12]. Then how about requiring those proponents to take qualifying exams before becoming parents? After all, fair is fair.

Chris, Torrance, via ocweekly.com


Proposition 8 was not only about marriage; it was also about equality, love and acceptance. What happened in the election and the recent Supreme Court ruling erred on the side of homophobia and hate. People have said, “Nothing against homosexuals, but they don’t deserve to get married.” This statement is a validation of hate and discrimination. I have been told that I should “be happy that I am not burned at the stake or stoned for being a homosexual.” People have thrown things at me, screamed slurs at me, and threatened me with violence. Every time I am met with this anger, I’ve smiled in their faces—refusing to sink to their level. And what I have experienced is minimal compared to what many members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community face on a daily basis. People are harassed, beaten and killed because of being LGBT or friends of the community. Most of my life was spent hiding with my nose in the corner. Now I have found my voice, and I am going to use it! I refuse to be ashamed anymore! I will fight for my rights and use my voice and signs to speak for those who can’t.

Mike Lektorich, Long Beach, via e-mail


Hey, man, you live in South Cali, and you want your kid to become a pro hockey player, toothless by the time he gets there [Hey You! “See Dick Skate,” June 12]? You must be crazy. If you live anywhere in the U.S. of A. and your back yard isn’t frozen stiff as a board by Oct. 15, you are pushing a string if hockey is the passion you have chosen for your kid. Are there any great Alaskan surfers on the pro circuit? If there are, please let me know. Hockey fans, if you live in California, you might want to buy your kid a surfboard, a skateboard or a dirt bike. If you want exotic, then try a set of golf clubs or a tennis racket. Remember, ice skates don’t float or work very well on concrete sidewalks. They are really for Canadians who like to skate on plowed frozen canals in the latest Speedo while holding onto a kite for dear life, hoping for a big enough 40-below gust to land them on Manhattan Beach.

Johnny Transistor, via ocweekly.com

Well-done article [Vickie Chang’s “Deco Fabulous,” June 5]! [Ed and Jerry Tessier’s] vision, capability and tenacity prove that such a restoration is possible and can be accomplished when people really want to make it happen. My earnest hope is that the citizens of Fullerton can eventually see and appreciate how much their own downtown (and way of life) can be improved with the reactivation of their own jewel, the 1925 Fox Fullerton theater.

Dwight Richard Odle, Fullerton, via ocweekly.com

Interesting piece on job-hunting troubles [Amanda Parsons’ “Help Wanted,” June 5]. I hope you find something you like that will pay enough to maintain the OC lifestyle. But I have to wonder why a girl would want to strip and then clean up someone else’s mess. House cleaning is hard work. It’s almost better to take a job at a topless bar or strip club. They make better money by far and don’t have to clean the room after. I guess it depends on what makes a girl feel more uncomfortable, though: being undressed with a room full of strangers leering at you, or alone with one stranger in the room leering at you.

Anonymous, via e-mail

The LA Press Club handed OC Weekly three first-place plaques on June 14 during a ceremony at the Sheraton Universal City. In our circulation category, Art Director Kelly Lewis won for Design (“Best of OC,” Oct. 10, 2008), staff writer Matt Coker won for Entertainment News or Feature (“Rock Angel,” Oct. 16, 2008), and theater critic Joel Beers for Entertainment Reviews/Criticism/Column (several awesome 2008 theater reviews).


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