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‘I like the Prius!’

I like the Prius [Paul Knight’s “Devil Inside,” April 24]!

Raiden, Chino, via ocweekly.com


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I remember that several cars had problems with sudden acceleration for no apparent reason years ago. It turned out the drivers had mistaken the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal. That is why cars today are made so that one has to engage the brake before shifting out of park. Could this be the same problem with the Prius?

Rose, La Palma, via ocweekly.com

Although your article [Nick Schou’s “Prose and Condiments,” April 24] was in good humor, it’s sad to see someone [like Steve Rocco] who is obviously mentally ill face a court trial. If Orange County prosecutors and judges are not responsible enough to protect the mentally ill, the Orange County jurors should be!

No doubt we will see this mentally ill man in prison someday soon under this crazy administration that has plagued us for more than 10 years. Or are Orange County jurors even more mentally ill than the ketchup bandit?

Bob, Tustin, via ocweekly.com

You missed the opportunity to enlighten your reader that many of us have Arabic blood running through our Latino veins [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! April 24]. The Moors had control of Spain for 700 years! Many words are the same in Arabic and Spanish (panatalones, calzado . . .). But then there is also the possibility of reincarnation.

Lourdes, Dearborn, Michigan, via ocweekly.com


Remember when Mexico got all worked up once Paulina Rubio went to Spain, got naked, and then covered her naughty bits with the Mexican flag? They wanted to prosecute her. The only problem I have with Pau is her never-ending daftness. In Mexico, they have a saying that in order to be a complete person, one should write a book, have a child and plant a tree. In an interview once, Pau said one should plant a child, write a tree and have a book. ¡Ay, por Dios! Al menos ella tiene un trasero lindo, so no one really seems to notice these things.

Kelly Phillips, Petaluma, via ocweekly.com

It’s a real shame that the owner of Signature Café isn’t doing any Ethiopian menu items on a regular basis [Gustavo Arellano’s Hole in the Wall, “Where’s the Wat?” April 17]. It’s quite annoying, even with Orange County being diverse, from a culinary point of view, that everyone here still tends to go to the familiar Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, etc. . . . Even proper Indian food is rare here.

There’s very little diversity, and the restaurants that try it (Ethiopian, Indonesian, Malaysian) get stuck in the “It’s kind of like Chinese . . . etc.” mindset. Some folks here are so closed-minded about new cuisine, then they go to LA and rave about some ethnic food they had—food that may have appeared in Orange County first.

Nick P., Lake Forest, via ocweekly.com

I am getting the same type of calls from a company telling me my car’s warranty is about to expire [Hey, You! April 17]. They start calling at 9 a.m. and continue all day! Hey, you! Stop calling me, too!

Debbie, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com

Thanks for your reviews [Gustavo Arellano’s Hole in the Wall, “Panadería Paradise,” April 24]. You really help a lot of us to know these small gems all around OC. Back home in India, we add cardamom to our tea. (If you haven’t tried it, get a small bag of it from Wholesome Choice.) I’ve never tried cinnamon tea, but I will now, thanks to you.

Mahesh, Irvine, via ocweekly.com

Emigdio Vasquez’s paintings tell stories and secure memories that I and many others had growing up [Gustavo Arellano’s “A Brush With the Law,” April 10]. They are constant reminders of what has gone on in our lives as individuals and as a Mexican community. I think this is such a minor issue to make a fuss about. “Gangs” have been around much longer than these paintings, so what they really promote is “life and history” for those who honor who they are and where they came from. The people who are making this an issue should spend more time worrying about more important things, like the gang members themselves, instead of a so-called painting that they think promotes gang activity. People are so ignorant. I support Mr. V and his art!

Ev-Y, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com

In the April 24 cover story “Devil Inside,” Paul Knight wrote that Toyota responded to claims of an acceleration problem in Priuses by recalling faulty floor mats. In fact, during a recall of floor mats used in other Toyota models, Prius owners were simply cautioned to make sure their floor mats were properly installed. The Weekly regrets the error.

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