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'I'm not an insecure, macho hater. I just dislike music that sucks'

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The following letters were sent in regard to Erin DeWitt's Feb. 8 article, "Holla, We Want Pre-Nup!"

Thanks for this great article on where gold-diggers hang out in OC! I have been to the Foxfire many times, and your comments are right on the money. Send my compliments and thanks to Erin DeWitt for a great article! Keep up the good work at the OC Weekly!

Sam Adu-Ampoma
via e-mail

FYI: K'ya's rooftop bar is closed for the month of February.

Melissa Lynch
via e-mail

The gold-digging South County cities that teamed with Irvine to fight the planned El Toro International Airport should have insisted on a pre-nuptial agreement! Demolition of the El Toro runways stopped before it even got started, and owner Lennar and the city of Irvine can open the airport to make tons of money. Its old teammates can go pound sand.

Donald Nyre
Newport Beach

For almost a year, I have cringed every time my beloved Weekly publishes the work of Luke Thompson, and this article ["Chaste, and Chastened: The 33-year-old near-virgin," Feb. 8] seals it: Not only is he an egotistical hack, but he's also an absolute moron. Seriously, idiot: If you're going to lose your virginity to a prostitute, do it with a hot ho. Don't jack off if you just paid some bitch HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO FUCK HER. Pound away. Idiot.

via e-mail

Gustavo Arellano's Feb. 1 feature, "The Naranjero Blues," has many readers singing its praises.

I look forward to reading all of Gustavo Arellano's articles. Especially stories about men (like Emilio Martinez) and women who have dedicated themselves to making life better for us. These stories should be told in school books. The OC Weekly is lucky to have Arellano on its staff.

Lillian Wold
via e-mail

Wonderful, wonderful article. I've lived in LA for most of my life and only moved to Orange County 11 years ago. Orange County has a rich Mexican heritage that we all need to appreciate. As an individual of Mexican ethnicity, I am ignorant of the Citrus Wars, but I will educate myself about Mexican contributions to Orange County.

Marjorie Kellen
via e-mail

The following letter detailing voter confusion was sent in thanks to Nick Schou's Jan. 18 feature, "Dammit, Janet!"

I don't know if I'd vote for either Janet Nguyen or Dina Nguyen, but right now, neither one appears to represent my concerns or values as an American, parties aside. I'd need more answers from both before I could support either one, and remember, I've seen them both in action (or inaction) on the Garden Grove City Council.

Having said that, at least Janet appears to be doing her own review of issues and making decisions without a volley of text messages. And I find it difficult to believe that Van Thai Tran thinks he can tell his fellow Asians, or anyone, when to run and which office to run for. Maybe we should just get it over with and have someone declare him either "Premier " or "Chairman" Van T. Tran.

Tony Flores
via e-mail

I just wanted to drop a note to say I read with great interest Daffodil Altan's article on the situation with the unions and the Sisters of St. Joseph's hospital ["Sister Knows Best," Nov. 29, 2007]. I found it really informative, engaging and clear. Worldwide, we need more journalism like this!

Máirí­n Kenny
Dublin, Ireland

Segal's Sprawl of Sound column on Reboot [Dec. 28, 2007] has it all wrong. I'm not an insecure, macho hater. I just dislike music that sucks.

Miguel Briseno
Santa Ana

Such brazen rhetoric about the soft underbelly of the sensitive art type, Greg Stacy ["Rise, Proletariats!" Feb. 1]. Are you afraid that some irate Sunday painter is going to hold you hostage, tied to a chair with toothpicks in your eyes, the walls covered in Thomas Kinkade, Cheryl Ann and little kitties playing with string, while the lilting sound of Kenny G plays in the background? I am not certain which level of hell that is, but it has to be along pretty well.

Robert Jacka
via e-mail

Apparently, Vickie Chang's Feb. 6 edition of Trendzilla—"Look, Ma! No Brakes!"—has sparked controversy from within the fixed-gear-bicycle community.

This is a very bad article. The writer should learn more about her subject before putting out such crap.

via e-mail

Tell your "journalist" to go ride a bike first, and then get back to us "fixie" hipster kids.

via e-mail

The following letters were sent in to announce that ¡Ask a Mexican! is wrong. Just wrong!

This is a pretty ridiculous column, a place where other races make themselves feel superior to Mexicans. Mexicans are not the only people who park on their front lawns, and Mexico is not the only place to find killers, wife beaters, molesters, rapers. I can throw a rock and hit about any four easily. And realize it or not, the white race is responsible for all the problems of the world. Mexicans and Indians are from this continent. White people brought the black race involuntarily to the U.S. And now they want to regulate who can come to this country. GEEZ, thanks, gringos.

Mark Tovar
via e-mail

Very disrespectful column! I'm not Mexican, but I don't appreciate the way you denigrate them, especially because we are in the United States, where all are EQUAL, right? Peace is what we need, not the spreading of hate against one another.

via e-mail

In last week's review of the play The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, we screwed up actor Ben Mathes' name, spelling it as "Ben Mathews." The Weekly regrets the error.


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