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'Stay Away From the Booze . . . And the Keyboard'

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I'm a Mexican living in Italy (legally!), and I discovered [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican!] a few months ago, but it was only yesterday, when I saw your first YouTube video, that I knew I had to write this letter.

Your joke about invading Canada really made me laugh, and when I did, I felt somehow relieved and healed (I know that's a very strong word, but it's true). The way the Americans see us has created a strange complex of inferiority and self-hate. I believe that's why we work so hard: We want to destroy ourselves as soon as possible—or at least it has created such feelings in me.

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I believe yesterday was the first time that I laughed about my Mexicanity. We tend to embrace it like our cross, and most of the jokes we make about it are about how we always have to win a la Mexicana (in odd, not-always-legal, not-always-conventional ways).

The way I see it, you are playing many American games (journalism, satire, racially based humor), and you are winning according to all the American rules. You are showing we can play their games without losing even a part of our Mexicanity in the process, and that, not oil or una copa del mundo (that wouldn't harm, though!), is what our country needs. Thanks for that, Gustavo.

Raúl Romero, via e-mail

Ryan Ritchie, you, sir, are a special kind of hater. Not only do people look to OC Weekly for upcoming performance schedules, but they also pick up and read the Weekly because it's a feel-good free paper. Ritchie's making the read much less free by spewing his angry rant into the pages ["Old Punks With Spunk" by Ryan Ritchie, Jan. 26]. I'm sorry you never liked Pennywise, but they are about to release a new album. How many have you released? I can only imagine you're a wash-out from the '80s (nothing personal).

Remember: Music makes people happy. Unlike your writing.

It's no secret that Bad Religion has inspired many groups over the years, but to single out one band and angrily profess your discontent makes for bad reading. I like to see other people's opinions, but yours is overwhelmingly negative.

I hope you decide to check your blood pressure and stay away from the booze . . . and the keyboard. That's just some good advice from a guy who knows you have issues.

Danimal, via e-mail

This report ["The Cold Shoulder" by Daffodil J. Altan, Feb. 29] is revealing, and there must be an agency in the city of Santa Ana that can not only fine this [Alfonso] Bustamante, but also charge him on a "criminal basis."

Can you assist the tenants to get to legal aid and see what their legal options are? And if [you] cannot, is there someone in the public who can bring charges? If something is not done immediately, this place should be shut down and this man should not be getting rent money. I hope you can convince some agency in the city of Santa Ana to do the right thing. If a city council member is involved and Bustamante is getting away with this, they are scratching each other's backs. I do not live in Santa Ana and have no standing there, but as a resident of this county, I am appalled!

Harriet Dobson, via e-mail

The saddest part of this week's article by Dandelion Alta [sic] was that these people were dumb enough to move into these apartments, and then stay there for years at a time!!!! If your apartment is so horrible, move the fuck out, losers!!!! I'm sure Bustamante would fix up the building if he had no tenants paying rent. If you're dumb enough to live in a roach motel, you deserve like company. Regardless, Bustamante is a real-estate hack. The short money like this is never worth your reputation.

Charles Drengberg, via e-mail

Great article ["Gladly Going to Heller" by Ryan Ritchie, Feb. 28] and ONE GREAT BAND.

Craig, via e-mail

I would like to let you know: Vietnamese people like this article ["These Colors Don't Wash Feet" by Nick Schou, Feb. 29]. My friend gave me a copy of OC Weekly to read, and we appreciated Nick Schou's writing. He did a fantastic job. This article is very helpful. Have a nice day, and God bless.

Phat Luu, via e-mail

Go, go, Ngo Ky. Hugo Chavez is a real commie sympathizer. He needs your attention. Be a hero and camp out at the Venezuelan Consulate General in San Francisco. Perhaps then, in your spare time, you can join the force in San Jose, too. Good luck, and good riddance.

Tran V. Huu, via e-mail

Thank you for this article ["The Kid Is Dead" by Nick Schou, Feb. 22]. This was indeed a very sad situation and ending. My sincere condolences to Arthur Carmona's family and friends. How many more "innocent" people are in prison, and when will this travesty of justice end?

Gil Flores, via e-mail

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