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'Could you please get to the fucking point a little sooner'

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I have a crappy film to promote and barely any ties to Orange County—can I get my picture on the cover, too ["Double Feature" by Luke Y. Thompson, Feb. 29]?

Anonymous, via e-mail

I absolutely love the Holechek brothers' video on YouTube! I can't wait until the movie comes out! These brothers are amazing!

Kelly, via e-mail

First, let me just say I love the OC Weekly. It is nice to have some non-crazy, free-thinking, intelligent and original writing in OC. With that in mind, why do dumb fucks like Robert Zilliott insist on annoying the Republican retards who have pepper spray and firearms ["A Bad Break" by Nick Schou, Feb. 15]?

Did Robert deserve to get injured by the Laguna Beach Police Department baboons? No. I think he may have seriously contributed to it, though. He pushed an undercover cop. Why? Maybe because he has an anger problem. But I digress. Nick Schou, could you please GET TO THE FUCKING POINT A LITTLE SOONER? On the third page, I finally was enlightened on what actually transpired. At least when I get jerked off, it feels good until I get off. I was falling asleep with the sad, sad story of Mr. Zilliott's life.

Look, I teach police officers Brazilian jujitsu, and I like most of those redneck bastards. But there is a fine line between a cop and a criminal—very fine. Some say a lot of the police force is corrupt. I say they all are, in some shape or fashion. There is no way not to be; they have the power to take a life. And that is a godly power.

So if you are dealing with pigs, please use some street smarts. Know that the guy writing you a ticket and drooling over your girl's rack is really just a pimple-popping hall monitor with an assault rifle and a hair trigger. Do yourself some good: Kiss his ass, and get the hell away from him ASAP.

JC, via e-mail

I recently returned to Anaheim after spending 12 years in New York. While I was away, my friends had spoken of your magazine, OC Weekly (I even saw a few copies on my return visits); they had told me that it was a sign of change in the OC. Anyway, last week, I picked up my first copy of OC Weekly and enjoyed the various articles. But when I saw this week's copy, unfortunately, as with many other experiences, it failed to live up to my first time. Frankly, I don't see the point or purpose of the cover story concerning Robert Zilliott.

The story lacked focus. In between bouncing from topic to topic, there was a story about a man who struggled with various addictions, had an altercation with the police and was convicted for that altercation (the story only briefly mentioned that Mr. Zilliott was no longer represented in his civil-rights lawsuit, and, as I am certain that Mr. Zilliott, a graduate of Whittier Law School, is aware, this almost certainly means his lawsuit will ultimately be dismissed. Attorneys do not walk away from a case unless it is a loser—which, after Zilliott's conviction, is a forgone conclusion).

The most interesting aspects of the story did not concern Mr. Zilliott at all. The brief discussion of the rise of crime in Laguna, the police shootout with the Parks, the strange goings-on at the Montage Resort & Spa—these would have made a good story. Why did Nick Schou concentrate the story on Zilliott? What was the point? I hope that you can provide me with some explanation and that your next issue will actually have an interesting cover story.

James, via e-mail

Until these cops get the shit kicked out of them, nothing will change. I hope an attorney with some balls takes this one over and gives these fuckers their just deserts.

Joe, Ventura

You'd think there would already be rules banning prosecutors from seeking favors from criminal suspects ["Gross Ambition" by R. Scott Moxley, Feb. 22]. I don't know how you guys at the Weekly always do it, but thanks for writing another eye-opener.

B.W., Newport Beach

Thank you so much for highlighting Carm's Coneys in your issue ["Old Dog, New Tricks" by Gustavo Arellano, Feb. 22]. We ate there this weekend, and it was like a trip back in time for me. When I was a child, my parents would make a 40-mile trip to Syracuse to get Hofmann hot dogs and Coneys at Heid's of Liverpool, an upstate-New York legend. Not only did Carm's have the same hot dogs, but he also had the Hofmann's mustard and New England-style hot-dog rolls. I instantly traveled back 35 years in one bite. All the food we had was excellent, and Carm was very nice. Also, the buffalo wings are among the most authentic we've found in California.

Carolyn Beauchesne, Orange

In Nick Schou's story last week, "These Colors Don't Wash Feet," artist Huynh Thuy Chau was improperly identified as Chao Huynh. Also, the fellowship she won is called the Robert Haas Scholarship. The Weekly regrets the errors.


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