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'Top Dog On a Pile of Crap'

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Wow, you really missed the mark on this story more than you usually do when you decide to "report" on The Orange County Register ["Singletoned Out" by Nick Schou, Feb. 12]. There's no big secret plan to let Dean Singleton work his magic on the place. The Register and the LA Daily News just cut a deal to share entertainment and travel stories. The Register dropped its New York Times wire service at the start of the year, which meant it no longer had easy access to LADN stories, and vice versa. So the two papers worked out an agreement to share their content directly. Big whoop, huh? I know you're all "alternative media" and shit, but jeez, you'd think you would have learned somewhere along the line to get a damn named source in your story before publishing something that's more or less fiction. [Register Editor Ken] Brusic will be back eventually. Barry [Koltnow] or someone else in entertainment could have answered the other issues. Now you know—not that you'll bother to ever publish a correction or clarification. But it is important that you at least be told how wrong that article is.

U.R. Wrong, via e-mail

Nick Schou responds: First of all, thanks for failing to point out any specific errors in the piece—while also confirming it for me by saying it's no "big whoop."

Second, readers should know there is now evidence that the content-sharing deal is already in place. Just one example: a Feb. 22 story that ran in the San Mateo County Times—a Singleton paper—with the byline "By Kimberly Edds and Salvador Hernandez, MEDIANEWS STAFF." Last time we checked, Edds and Hernandez were both Register reporters.

What really irritates me is that former Sheriff Mike Carona's legal team was paid for by taxpayers [before his resignation], which just isn't right ["Dumb and Dumber" by R. Scott Moxley, Feb. 15]. He stole enough money to pay his own legal fees. Plus, he should be sitting in his own jail awaiting his trial. He should get the same type of treatment he and his "hoods" gave other truly innocent individuals that didn't get a fair trial—some of whom don't even get a trial! I would like to see the entire Orange County Sheriff's Department cleaned up. Carona was the top dog on a pile of crap.

Joyce Miller, via e-mail

I really feel strongly about this article ["A Bad Break" by Nick Schou, Feb. 15]. This is only the second time in my entire life writing to someone about an article. The first time was to R. Scott Moxley regarding one of his pieces for OC Weekly. This paper and website must be doing something right! Good writing, excellent articles, important and in-depth stories. This is what I come for, and that is why I'll keep visiting. This fellow Robert Zilliott is on the right track. Please let him know that others believe in him, are praying for him, and understand what it's like to get messed around in life and keep moving forward in spite of it all.

Dave McNeill, via e-mail

Thanks to Nick Schou for "A Bad Break," and kudos to lifeguards [Jack] Bond and [Ben] Hester for their courage in speaking up. I guess the following is a reasonable take on the events leading up to the injuries to Zilliott as well as the fatal shootout with the Parks: Much of Zilliott's problems were of his own making. Much of Joni and Kevin Parks' problems were of their own making. And if there are liability judgments against the Laguna Beach P.D. resulting from their response to either or both of these situations, then much of the LBPD's problems were of their own making.

Anonymous, via e-mail

What a bunch of bullshit! That Zilliott guy sounds like a POS!

Anonymous, via e-mail

Thank you for the news regarding the heartbreaking death of Arthur Carmona ["The Kid Is Dead" by Nick Schou, Feb. 22]. I followed his story and felt such empathy for him, and now I will grieve from afar a young man who I never knew but [to whom I] felt connected. God bless Arthur.

Brandy Bennington, via e-mail

It was a beautiful Sunday, and my husband and I decided to take the kids to the Santa Ana Zoo. Of all the streets we could have taken, my husband decides to drive down First Street. As we passed Harbor eastbound, I saw the mobile-home park on the right-hand side blocked off with yellow tape and tons of cops.

I thought nothing of it—only to find out through a phone call later that day that my very good friend, Arthur Carmona, was murdered at that very place earlier that morning by a coward [driving] a vehicle. I know that OC Weekly played a great role in his young life by shedding the truth on my friend's innocence when he was wrongfully sent to prison at 16.

I am extremely saddened by his death, knowing that his family had to fight to free this innocent young man for two years before he was able to return home. Prison took so much from him. None of us will ever know what he went through in there. Now his family has lost him again—forever, this time.

I just wanted to write and let everyone know what a sweet, caring, loving, kind, gentle, soft-spoken and wonderful person Art was. We are going to miss him so much.

I love you, Art. May you rest in peace in heaven. See you when I get there.

Sara Matsunaga-Villasenor, Huntington Beach

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