Letters From OC Weekly Readers

"Without Your Nosing Around, Presumably the Club Would Still Be in Operation"

This reporter is so ignorant that I am shocked you would let him write on issues he obviously knows nothing about [Gustavo Arellano's "The KKK Took My County Away," April 18]. Robert E. Lee is remembered as a gentleman to the overwhelming majority of historians. To pretend otherwise is historically ignorant. What is wrong with you people?

J. Dyer, via e-mail

A friend of mine sent me the article you wrote about Dr. Henry Head and his KKK association. I'm actually the person who wrote the article about Dr. Head for the OC Civil War Round Table website. The sources I used didn't make any mention of his Ku Klux Klan affiliation. I can assure you there was no conspiracy on my part to try to "hide" his membership in the Klan in the 1870s. If you had tried to contact me or any other Round Table member before you wrote the article, I would have been more than happy to explain that to you. I was more interested in explaining the prominent roles that Civil War veterans played in the formative years of Orange County and the offices they held.

Paul Gillette, via e-mail

When I read your article, it made lots of sense. I did some research myself after I was finished, and it's true that many publications didn't disclose the fact that Dr. Henry Head was a Klansman. I was not surprised that he was a KKK member, but I was surprised at the hypocrisy of Orange County by covering up the truth. Great article. A must-read for all residents of OC—black, white, brown, yellow, etc. Thanks.

Miguel Sanchez, via e-mail

A Confederate officer joined the Klan? NoticiasFLASH! No doubt a high percentage of former Confederates who moved to California after the Civil War were Klan members. And there were hundreds, if not thousands, of them, so I doubt if Dr. Head was very unique in that regard.

Jim Roberts, Long Beach

I was listening to KPCC radio yesterday and heard about a story that had run in OC Weekly about a local sex club [Daffodil J. Altan's "Swing Shift," March 14]. Although the story was positive, it was picked up by The Orange County Register, which eventually led to the club's closing [Weekly Staff's "The Reg Gets in the Swing," April 25]. The folks on the air seemed to take the position that the Register and the local politicians were the villains. And while that's true, they didn't seem to put even a modicum of blame on OC Weekly. Without your nosing around, presumably the club would still be in operation. It seems to me that journalists should take into account the real-world effects of their coverage when they choose to do a story, particularly a story (1) with no victims, and (2) that's not already or likely to be in the news. I believe the aphorism is "let sleeping dogs lie."

Alan Bell, via e-mail

Nice article on "the Lifestyle" [Daffodil J. Altan's "Swing Shift," March 14]. We understand it's not for everyone, but your views were right on the money. Thanks for the positive outlook on swinging.

Darren and Kari (six years in "the Lifestyle"), via e-mail

Thanks to OC Weekly for getting this information out there [Daffodil J. Altan's "Let Us Spray," April 25]. I kicked it in GEEZ Clothing almost every day, and George Pichardo is a genuinely nice and harmless man. It created a place where hip-hop dancers could go and practice, and George would move all the clothes out of the way and everything. Thanks for writing this article.

Britney, via e-mail

The liberal Kool-Aid must flow like rivers through the halls of the OC Weekly offices. I imagine your writers would jump from moving cars to track down a conservative-bashing story if it were walking down the 405. Teacher James Corbett [profiled in Gustavo Arellano and Daffodil Altan's "Class Warfare: A History," April 11] should be fired and ridiculed publicly for the way he conducted himself in classrooms. "Jesus glasses"? Are you serious?!!

What if I told your writers they wrote this story with their "Jew pens" or their "Commie pencils," or that James Corbett gave this interview through his "Jew microphone"? I'd be dismissed as a bigot and probably sued by Gloria Allred. OC conservatives, like conservatives across the country, are tired of being the social punching bags for liberal know-nothings like the OC Weekly, comedians, and The View windbags like Joy Behar. I'm proud of what student Chad Farnan did here, and I admire his courage to stand up to a presumed authoritative figure for what he believes in. I also went to Ohio State, as did Mr. Corbett, and I remember the same liberal rhetoric shoveled toward freshmen in general-education-required poli-sci courses. He's just perpetuating the same Al Franken standup shtick a lot of poli-sci teachers use to get their students' attention all over this country in high schools and colleges. You already want God's name out of the Pledge of Allegiance and kids to stop wearing the crucifix. What's next—Atheism 101?

Charles Drengberg, via e-mail

The cover image to this story is one of the best OC Weekly covers I've ever seen—and I still have the one with the ball-gagged guy from your Sex Issue years ago. I especially loved the little touch of the extra credit inside directing people to Daffodil's online extra!

Steven, Laguna Niguel


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