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'Sloppy and Biased Journalism!'

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I read the article about James Corbett [Gustavo Arellano and Daffodil J. Altan's "Class Warfare: A History," April 11], and it was as biased as was your newspaper cover. And digressing about [Joel] Dvorman was boring and irrelevant to the topic of Corbett. Blatantly missing were the offensive quotes by Corbett, which is what this lawsuit is all about. Sloppy and biased journalism! If you can't present the other side of the argument, then admit it! But then you are a "newspaper" that covers more trash than worthwhile information.

Carol Nelson, Del Mar

Thank you most sincerely for printing the excellent report on Capo Valley High School teacher James Corbett. Reporters Daffodil J. Altan and Gustavo Arellano are to be congratulated for their detailed, in-depth analysis. The parallels the authors draw to the tragic story of Joel Dvorman are infuriating and heartbreaking. I fervently hope the OC Weekly's printing of this damning story prevents history from repeating itself in Orange County. Ms. Altan and Mr. Arellano—please keep up the great work!

Elaine Booth, Irvine

"Class Warfare" is excellent. I was a witness to this sorry chapter in Orange County history. Early in the 1960s, I was taken on as Associate Editor of Garden Grove's up-and-coming daily Orange County Evening News. I wrote 11 editorials a week, put together the editorial pages and developed special projects. My predecessor, who was picked up by the OC Register, continuously warned that Reds were infesting our schools and communities. "Letters to the Editor" he had been publishing echoed his hostile anxieties. I established a new policy. No letter without a verifiable return address would be published. When I checked, it appeared that—up until then—incendiary rants about our endangered American way of life had been coming from the middle of lemon groves or the far end of parking lots.

It prompted a great little feature story . . . followed by a precipitous drop in mail. Didn't I understand! I was insisting on "outing" actual locations of Orange County Patriots? Didn't I know that homicidal Reds were hellbent on slaughtering them?

Galal Kernahan, via e-mail

This is the first time I've ever been absolutely compelled to correspond. Thanks for the great article. It is so sad to see this still happening in this day and age. It's unfortunate that parents can't see this as an opportunity to foster critical thinking as opposed to going on a witch-hunt. Shame on the Farnans and their ilk, just another example of the "closing of the American mind" and why I don't live too deep in the (decaying) heart of the OC. Good luck, Corbett, some of us are with you.

Mike Miller, La Palma

How fitting that [this story] came out between Easter and Passover. As I read the article, [Joel Dvorman's story brought] to mind the story of Jesus Christ: A radical, Jewish teacher, who did not fit the societal norms and expectations of His time, yet taught people to be different, by making a difference in life. Consequently, the conservative (religious?) establishment used politics to destroy Him. Or did they?

Bob Squalonero, via e-mail

The article, "Class Warfare," was an enjoyable read, and did a good job exposing how a simple phrase taken out of context is able to feed an already-existing prejudice in Orange County against people who just don't see things in a right-wing manner.

I fully support Dr. Corbett and his statement, which has been so over-used that I won't re-write it here. He sounds like a teacher who not only I would enjoy having, but challenges and forces students to think about their role in society, and how history has shaped their current world.

I have such a teacher for my AP US History class who treats his classroom as a college environment and won't be afraid to speak his mind. His ideology is far removed from mine, but I enjoy having an opposing view for 45 minutes. He is notorious for his ideology, but his strong remarks are done in the hopes of stimulating some discussion, like Dr. Corbett. Indeed, teachers like these should not be censored, but applauded for their efforts.

Samantha Molina, Anaheim

This letter is in response to the article "Return of the Sith" [by Luke Y. Thompson, March 28]. This article was true due to its numerous random surprises. James Walker, the victim of the gunshot wound to the stomach, was the only part of this story that wasn't odd in the sense of abnormal twists relating to his character. How is it that a man who thinks he is being secretly tracked down by the cybernetic Star Trek Aliens, and was poisoned in his work truck and apartment by contagious gassy bacteria, does not get found as insane after shooting another man for trying to play a video game after him? Now, if the story ended here, you would think the man was crazy enough already. As you already know, Phuc Van Tran proves himself to be more insane, even after being arrested and thrown in jail for his crime.

I hope you continue to find and write about interesting articles, especially the ones that will never get published anywhere else because of their uniqueness or oddness. What I love about OC Weekly is the way that the magazine is designed and written to purposely feed off of the mostly unique content found in OC and nearby surrounding cities that competitor magazines are scared to use for fear of offending people. Keep in mind that the masses don't get offended; and if they do, who cares—write it anyways. Keep up the good work.

Kareem Khalil, Anaheim Hills


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