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'I'll be damned if my innocent baby is going to sport anything that screams, "Look at my ass!"'

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As a journalism major and former student of [James] Corbett's, it's been fascinating as well as frustrating to watch this story unfold ["Class Warfare: A History" by Daffodil J. Altan and Gustavo Arellano, April 11]. I can't help but be disappointed with other news outlets' coverage thus far, but this feature has offered greatly needed context to a largely one-sided story. I enjoyed the parallels between Corbett and Joel Dvorman. Connections to the present, indeed.

Erica, via e-mail

This was very biased reporting for Dr. Corbett. What he did was against the law, no matter how he tries to defend himself. Shame on you, reporters! Chad Farnan is the brave one.

Betty, via e-mail

Thanks so much for this important and well-told story. I am sharing it all over the place.

Andrew Tonkovich, via e-mail

I just read your article [Trendzilla by Vickie Chang, April 4], and I couldn't agree with you more. As the mother of a 3-year-old daughter, I am often baffled and appalled by how some parents dress their children, particularly their daughters. Cost aside, why do some feel the need to sexualize their kids? It's downright disgusting and a sad indicator of what path our society is headed down.

At my daughter's first—FIRST!—birthday party, she received some pants with the word "CUTE" emblazoned on the booty. When the guests left, those pants were immediately dumped in the trash can. I'm no prude, but I'll be damned if my innocent baby is going to sport anything that screams, "Look at my ass! I'm CUTE!"

Lisa, via e-mail

When you wrote, "sung by a goateed Asian guy with a James Taylor-like delivery, accompanied by an acoustic guitarist whose face was obscured by a thick tousle of hair. Had I been at a concert, I would've held up a lighter," why did you not include the singer's name ["Music to Your Palate" by Edwin Goei, April 11]? That talented guy is John Carrillo (forgot to ask?), has graced many a fine restaurant in Orange County and is a co-worker of mine. While he has other very creative talents in advertising, marketing, graphics and photography, we mostly enjoy his musical calling. I always ask for "the four-cylinder song." It is one of his great uptempo numbers, among others. As a closet writer, I greatly enjoyed your article on Bistro 400 and the scrumptious food descriptions. Loved the part about the steak because for me, a quasi-vegetarian, beef always sucks except for some very good "organic" beef in three-packs at Costco for $11 that only my husband eats. Thank you for a great article and remember: John Carrillo.

Susan Trear, via e-mail

Thanks for the article on Longway [Locals Only by Dave Segal, March 14]. Brian Coiner is my brother's son, so I get to be proud Aunt Marveen. Not that I care much for his kind of music, but give me a break, considering my age and the rearing I received in the "Cave Days." Please keep me posted as to his whereabouts and the CDs available or to be made available. I want them all.

Aunt Marveen, via e-mail

So this passes for edgy and irreverent when it's just crappy writing ["Not Negotiable" by Greg Stacy, April 11]. It's not about yourself, fool, but what you're seeing. I thought this crap went out when Commie Girl still masqueraded as an art writer.

Anonymous, via e-mail

I think if I were a deputy at the Theo Lacy jail, after reading this article, it would make me want to pull a few inmates out of their cells and crack their skulls just one more time . . . while there's still time ["Cell Blockhead" by R. Scott Moxley, April 11].

Torabora, via e-mail

Rackarckass [sic] does not understand what it is like to be a real law-enforcement man. I have worked in the Orange County jails for more than five years. We have violent men in jail, and sometimes we have to use force to keep things peaceful. We don't sleep on the job. Your reporter seems biased against deputiess. Let him try to mantain order if he thinks he is so smart.

DN, via e-mail

I've never really felt compelled to write to someone to thank them and cheer their good work on—until now. I have been reading your articles for some time now on everything from corrupt Carona to child-abusing congressional aides.

You do fantastic work, and I thoroughly enjoy the circles you and your articles run around The Orange County Register. I must point out my appreciation for calling out the Orange County Sheriff's Department for their corrupt, criminal and hypocritical ways, in the face of denials from their top brass (who turned out to be less brass and more plastic). Job well-done, and please keep calling them out with the honesty the people of OC deserve.

R.E., Orange


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