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"You're a lifeline to sanity behind the suffocating Orange Curtain"

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Thank you for this story ["CSI Games" by R. Scott Moxley, March 14], especially in seeking to pursue justice for Mr. [James] Ochoa and others caught in such situations. It is your tenacity to seek the truth that makes your newspaper worth reading. I may not always agree with everything that is printed, but I do support that the writers and editors of this paper really attempt to provide a non-distorted view of the currents events in OC. This paper makes me appreciate the First Amendment that much more, as there is someone out there trying to tell the reality of what people are going through behind the façade of perfect houses and neighborhoods.

By the way, I really hope the best for Mr. Ochoa, realizing that he has probably gone to hell and back. I pray he has the resiliency to recover from all the tragedies he has faced—in essence, to be vindicated through his life.

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Michelle, via e-mail


Eric J. Lawrence is sort of an unsung KCRW hero, and I was very happy to see Dave Segal give him some well-deserved recognition ["Alt-Radio Auteur," April 4].

Lady Hooligan Kat, via e-mail

Great article on Eric J. Lawrence. I agree with you—a great talent and brilliant music scholar!

Linda Davidson, via e-mail

This issue [April 4] was loaded with good stories from Nick Schou and R. Scott Moxley. Keep up the great work, guys. You're a lifeline to sanity behind the suffocating Orange Curtain.

Amy King, via e-mail

Go, Officer Mark Hutchinson and Attorney Marc Grossman! It is about time someone stood up for the rights of the man who is trying to make a difference ["Arrested Advancement" by Derek Olson, March 7]. The last time I took a look (maybe I should look again), this was the United States of America.

It is time that all Americans get off their tushes and take a good look. What have we gained over the past 30 years? Not a darn thing. In fact, we have had our rights continually chipped away. Freedom of speech is okay as long as someone does not tell the truth and step on the "Big Dogs'" toes. Oh, did I forget you have to be a great "yes man" along with the ability to bend at the knees in order to speak up? The right to organize is still around in a few areas as long as you don't ask for the things that are really needed. Especially good police protection. I am sure it is more important for council members to get their goodies than protect the people.

Organizations, unions . . . almost things of the past thanks to big corporations. They would rather put the money in their bonus checks than pay the man who puts his life on the line or any other hard-working person. I am a firm beliver in unions, but I also realize that a union is only as strong as its members, and there seem to be very few strong members. A good union backs its man, especially when he has the guts to speak the truth, not the boss who will get you in the end.

If the DA is not doing his job, then head to Joint Counsel. Yes, it takes guts to back the guy who is standing up for what is right. If all union members backed their men, the boss would have to take a back seat.

I do understand there are some union workers who do not do their jobs and need to be dismissed. In [Hutchinson's] case, I only see a man who was trying to do the right thing for the betterment of his fellow workers. Maybe the ones who are giving him a hard time should give their raises and better pension plans back.

The people of a city need to know the truth about their protection. Maybe Garden Grove would not have the crime it does if there were more officers. Maybe [Hutchinson] should be the chief of police in Garden Grove; at least he has the people of Garden Grove in mind. You have to nip crime in the bud before it takes over, and that takes good officers—and more than a few.

Thanks for being out there and trying, Officer Hutchinson; you are among the few. I am truly sorry about the officers who do not have the spine to back a man who is right and tries.

Roberts, via e-mail

The Inland California Society of Professional Journalists has announced that OC Weekly writers Daffodil J. Altan, Janine Kahn and Nick Schou are finalists to receive awards in the 2008 SPJ Excellence in Journalism competition. Photographer John Gilhooley also placed as a finalist.

On March 30, Ingrid Downs, the Weekly's backup copy editor, died from complications following treatment for leukemia. She was 39. The thoughts and prayers of everyone here at the Weekly are with her family in this difficult time. She is survived by her husband, Michael Silveus, and their son, Evan Downs-Silveus. A memorial service in accordance with her Earth-based pagan spirituality is scheduled for moonrise on April 19 at Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo. In lieu of flowers, please contact Michael Silveus at msilveus@cox.net for information on contributing to an education fund for Evan.

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