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'Next Time, State the Facts Rather Than Just Making Yourself Seem Cool. Thanks'

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I have a couple of questions about Gustavo Arellano's article "Terror Town" [May 9]. Why was the name of the restaurant covered up in the photo that accompanied the article? And why was its name misrepresented as "El Chicano" in the article? The restaurant's true name is "El Chinaco." This seems like a little more than a typo.

Richard Bohn, via e-mail

Editor's note: It wasn't a typo. It was what we call in this business a "factual error"—for which we ran a correction in our May 16 issue. And if the name of the restaurant had been visible in the photo, one hopes that we would have noticed it and changed it in the story! Alas, 'twas not to be. . . .

First of all, Gustavo Arellano, are you Mexican or American? You claim to be born here. Guess that would make you an American. If that's the case, where's your allegiance? You've got me flummoxed. Second, I have NEVER heard of any "anti-immigrant" measures in Costa Mesa. Are you sure you don't mean "anti-foreign nationals abusing American generosity" measures? Huh. Most journalists who actually have a degree stick to facts and don't insert their bias so blatantly. Even the Minutemen, of which I'm not a member, are not anti-immigrant. Sorry if it offends you that we don't want guys pissing in our streets, harassing passers-by and undercutting hardworking Americans of every ethnic origin. Will you finally be happy when these parasites finally turn Southern California into a Third World country? Guess so. Then Gustavo will be KING!! KING!! I bet you get giddy just thinking about it.

Sherie Grant, via e-mail

A 49th candidate [R. Scott Moxley's "New Faces," May 16, listed the first 48] has declared himself for the office of OC sheriff: former Capistrano Unified School District Superintendent James Fleming. According to Fleming, he's fully qualified for the position because he can: (1) squander public funds, (2) demoralize both the staff and public he's supposed to serve, and (3) run surveillance on his enemies.

Former OC Sheriff Mike Carona's reaction to Fleming's candidacy was, "Truly, a man after my own heart, and who can carry the torch [arson?] for OC law enforcement."

Bob Squalonero, via e-mail

Good article on all the wannabes for sheriff of Orange County. It amazes me why all those people who aren't remotely qualified for the job bother to apply. I guess we all need a fantasy. As best I can see, there are only two people who are both qualified and acceptable. The first is Paul Walters. As chief of the Santa Ana Police Department, he has established a pattern of leadership, integrity and community policing in making that agency into one of the better departments in Orange County. He has a strong working relationship with other police departments and would likely bring some very good ideas to the position of OC sheriff. Walters would be my first choice. The second is Ralph Martin. He has a strong record at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, but he is an outsider to Orange County law-enforcement circles. LA County also has a problem with jail overcrowding, and we haven't seen any new or innovative solutions from them. Releasing inmates early is not an acceptable option. Martin might also have a difficult time establishing a working relationship with the Sheriffs Association. The Board of Supervisors needs to get off the dime and get the selection process finished. The sheriff's department has been without a leader for too long.

Dr. Patrick Rogers, via e-mail

I read Vickie Chang's Trendzilla every week and look around and see how cool I am (and everyone I know). I have come to read everything she writes. After seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall in theaters and loving the Dracula puppet-show scene (meant for adults), I read a article in OC Weekly's calendar section about a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs puppet show at the Orange County Performing Arts Center ["Cult Disney," May 2]. Taking into consideration how she writes and how she makes everything seem pretty awesome, I went and saw the show. Turns out it was meant only for kids, and I was the trendy hipster in the balcony wishing I was baby-sitting so that I fit in. Next time, state the facts rather than just making yourself seem cool. Thanks.

Crystal Arce, via e-mail

I have just read on the online version of OC Weekly that Robin Hinch is getting the ax [Nick Schou's "OC Register Death Watch," April 29]. Tell me it isn't so!!! I have enjoyed her many columns on the dearly departed for many years. I wish it were Frank Mickadeit that was leaving. I have NEVER enjoyed his pompous, self-righteous columns. Or Teryl Zarnow's, either. She writes about her spoiled daughter she is so proud of. . . . And I miss Mayrav Saar's columns, too. I was surprised she didn't write more about her young son. That would have interested me, as well as others, like me, with children. The Register just keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

Judith Hunt, Orange

Thanks, Greg Stacy ["In With the Out Crowd," May 16]! I'm glad you liked the paintings! Till next time.

Robert Porte, via e-mail


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