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'Blog Writer: Check. Elitist: Check. Affinity for Counterculture and Overly Judgmental of Anyone Other Than Those in Your Social Circle: Check'

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Good job [Gustavo Arellano's "The D Files," June 27]. I had never heard of Joel Dvorman, but thanks for enlightening me on the past and present information on him.

Gary Kephart, via e-mail

Thank you for the article about Joel Dvorman, my late husband. The writing was clear, unemotional and accurate, at variance with the kind of reporting Joel had to endure when he was fighting the charges against him. It was a difficult time in our lives and the lives of the friends who supported us during this time. Your article is welcome by me and his three children (now quite grown), two of whom still live in the community.

Jacqueline G. Dvorman, via e-mail

Nice review of Lizarran Tapas [Edwin Goei's "Like Dim Sum, Except Spanish," July 11]. We were there on Tuesday night (the pinchos are just $1 from 4 to 7 p.m.) with 15 people, and even though—aside from us—the place was nearly empty, with four waitpersons, our service was, well, average. But the food was good. We give it three stars for effort and look forward to going back. Especially on a Tuesday!

Sandra & Roger, via e-mail

I read your article and saw the show [Ryan Ritchie's "The Thrill's Still Goin'," July 11]. [B.B.] King was amazing! You were right: Everyone must see this man if you are any kind of music fan or, frankly, people fan. He was funny, witty, talented and wonderful to see.

Kelly, via e-mail

I'll admit that the author of Trendzilla [Vickie Chang] is a very talented writer, but I am so effin' tired of her diatribe against hipsters when it is painstakingly obvious she is one. I'll accept the idea that a true hipster will never admit to being one, but is anyone that ignorant about their own personality? Blog writer: check. Elitist: check. Affinity for counterculture and overly judgmental of anyone other than those in your social circle: check. Check yourself, Miss Chang.

Laurel, via e-mail

You have got to be kidding [R. Scott Moxley's "Let Me Die in Laguna Beach," July 10]! Even though Susan Atkins supposedly did not "actually stab" Sharon Tate, what about Wojciech Frykowski's legs, holding Ms. Tate, and smothering Gary Hinman? You, Mr. Eric Lampel [one of Atkins' attorneys], are ignoring the facts, not the DA! You are putting her involvement in a nice little explanation and trying to make it appear sympathetic. You state she has to live in a fly-infested cell? I believe there are nine victims in the ground with less-than-comfortable surroundings. The public deserves for the sentences of these cruel and abhorrent killers to be carried out until the very end. Compassion is giving her the pain medicine for her illness in a hospital; I cannot imagine how much pain Ms. Tate was in after the first wound. Or Mr. Frykowski after fighting so hard for his life. She is lucky to be in a hospital. You should get off your soapbox and get on the side of the victims.

Vicki Watts, via e-mail

You guys smoked The Orange County Register once again. I hope Atkins doesn't get out, but thanks for the warning. Killing a pregnant woman for no reason means she gave up her right to live in society forever.

Kirk B, via e-mail

I just had to put in my two cents [R. Scott Moxley's "Jose Avina, This is Your Life," June 27]. I still can't understand how anyone can use the excuse, "Well, this was done to me when I was little," or "My father did this to me/us when I was a child," or "I grew up poor in a bad neighborhood." So what?! You didn't like it when it was done to you, so why would you do it to someone else?!

How anyone can believe these stupid excuses justify these vile acts really tries my faith in humankind. Lots of us have gone through the exact same trials, and yes, those trials create horrible memories that will never be forgotten, but why would anyone feel the need to inflict the same horrors on some other innocent person? The bastard got what he deserved.

Kat, via e-mail

Matt Coker's July 18 news story, "Hot Air," stated that the Lennar development company is up for sale. Actually, it had been previously reported Lennar is rumored to be up for sale. The Weekly regrets the error.

OC Weekly has an immediate opening for a music editor. Chief qualifications are a strong writing voice, sharp line-editing skills, a wide range of musical interests, and a passion for covering the vibrant OC/LBC scene. Duties include assigning, writing for and editing the print music section, as well as leading our online musical coverage. We offer competitive salaries and benefits. Interested candidates should send a résumé and clips to: Andy Van De Voorde, Executive Associate Editor, P.O. Box 5970, Denver, CO 80217. No phone calls, please.


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