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"I Don't Think Miss Chang Has Her Finger on the Bicycle Beat (or Has Ever Been on a Bike)"

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The article in 2004 about my brother Kenneth "Von Dutch" Howard (Theo Douglas' "Von Who?" Jan. 9, 2004) is all lies. Also, I can prove when and where he was in the '60s and '70s. There is also a book written about him that has all the proof you want. I do not understand why you printed the article. [Artist] Robert Williams was not a friend of my brother, and Theo Douglas did not know my brother. [Ed] Boswell had never met him, either. I think you owe an apology to me and my family and should come out with a new article. You should have checked out his story to see if it were true. Do you print anything about anybody, true or false?

Virginia Howard Reyes, via e-mail

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Gustavo Arellano is right-on in regards to the cynical book project by Bishop Tod D. Brown of the Catholic Church ["Loose Canon," May 30]. This goes hand-in-hand with Brown's partner in crime Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Los Angeles Diocese in their efforts [of] going to their gullible and brainwashed flock to help raise money for the combined three-quarters-of-a-billion-dollar payout for their molesting priests. Priests gone wild!

As the late Steve Allen once observed, "The Catholic Church is organized crime and will do what it wants without fear of getting caught."

Tim Leedom, via e-mail

Obviously your staff has deep hatred for the Catholic Church, but it is a bad refection of your leadership to let someone on staff reflect so much of their individual angst so viciously to any group. I will not read any more of your biased and negative reporting.

Susan, via e-mail

I think you can do without using the F-word in your calendar pick for the elementary-schools art exhibit [Vickie Chang's "Quick Draw," June 6]. I was going to take my 11-year-old son; however, when he read the description, we where both completely turned off by the use of the F-word to describe how good it feels! It must be a Santa Ana artist thing.

W. Gates, via e-mail

Why did this article [Vickie Chang's "Biking It," June 13] have such a negative tone? I don't think Miss Chang has her finger on the bicycle beat (or has ever been on a bike). In today's lazier-than-the-rest-of-the-world American culture, the upswing in bicycle usage should be great news. It seemed the article, and perhaps this whole issue, took a lot of time making fun of stereotypes with insight that relied on clichéd knowledge or a misunderstanding of the world.

An Attractive Woman Who Likes to Ride Her Bike (Not Candy-Colored) for Pleasure and Errands in Sensible Hipster Clothing, via e-mail

I really hope that, while out riding my "fixie," I get run down by some bro in a jacked-up truck, who then tells me he's not legally responsible because he read it in OC Weekly. That way, not only will I sue the bro, but I will also sue you, OC Weekly, for disseminating false information to all the bros out there who already despise me for riding my bike on the road.

Jason, via e-mail

I am to the brim irked to read any word from [the part of] the article [titled] "The Fixie Hipsters." The generalization of a subculture that not a single person from the paper could even comprehend shows the lack of professional journalism. Furthermore, I, who ride a fixed-gear bike for the efficient ways of its drive train and lightweight construction, take this as a personal attack upon my way of life. I do not ride to be "hip" or in with what is cool. Above all, the entire county of Orange is a melting pot of what is to be hip the following day.

Fixed-gear bikes—or "fixies," as your incompetent employee states—is not the correct term to use if writing an article to attack the people of a clean-air culture. Why does your newspaper write a hateful statement on environmental citizens and not about the oversized, gas-guzzling SUVs and lifted trucks that only carry the driver? People who drive those types of vehicles display road rage against the cyclists of Orange County.

Let it be known that the people who ride bikes are friends of those who rode years upon years before this silly blurb was poorly overlooked and printed. Thus, the "fixie hipsters" of the globe would like to give thanks for the hate that is demonstrated through this article.

Your Friendly Fixie Hipster, via e-mail

I just wanted to thank Gustavo Arellano for such a great article ["Drowning Your Yen," June 6]. My mother owns this restaurant, and it has been family-owned and -operated for 11 years now. We don't do any advertising; 100 percent of its success is owed to our loyal customers who come from different areas. Some drive from places as far as the San Fernando Valley just to enjoy a delicious torta ahogada. My family and I would like to thank Mr. Arellano for finally, after [our] many years of providing home-cooked meals to our community, recognizing us in a paper as well-known as the OC Weekly.

Rafael Z. Bustos, via e-mail

In our Summer Guide write-up "Brain Freeze!" (June 13), the Weekly identified Pinkberry yogurt as artificial. Per a recently settled lawsuit, Pinkberry can officially be categorized as frozen yogurt. The Weeklyregrets the error.

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