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'Anyone Who Is Against Abortion, Is Christian, Believes in Traditional Marriage and Votes Republican Is a Kook, Evil, Unenlightened, Stupid, Weird and a Hatemonger'


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I notice that when you write about somebody who has been convicted of a horrible crime, like the man who killed the Vietnamese man in Tustin in 1996 [R. Scott Moxley’s “Hate & Death,” July 18] or about Sheriff Mike Carona [R. Scott Moxley’s “They Got the Sheriff,” Nov. 1, 2007], it seems you really make a point to bring up any ties the men have to Christianity. You specifically point out that Carona is a “Christian” and Gunner Lindberg was a Bible reader and would frequently quote the Bible. It’s good that you do that. You should fit right in with the mainstream media. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s see, the mainstream media are liberal, biased and hate religion (unless, of course, it is pro-choice and for gay marriage). They lie, are for gun control, and label anyone “homophobic” who upholds traditional marriage (in other words, anyone who thinks that marriage should be between a man and woman). They label you a racist if you think closed borders should be enforced, a religious zealot and fanatic if you don’t think all signs of religion should be done away with in the public square. The media thinks that anyone who wants tax cuts just wants them for the rich. Being a Republican equals being a Nazi. The war in Iraq is about oil. Republican candidates should be scrutinized and Democrats get a pass. That Barack Obama can do no wrong, even though he has ties to an unrepentant terrorist and was a member of a clearly bigoted church. That John McCain is too old for office, but if he were pro-choice, they would hail him as “brilliant.” So, in essence, anyone who is against abortion, is Christian, believes in traditional marriage and votes Republican is a kook, evil, unenlightened, stupid, weird and a hatemonger. Yeah, you sound like you will fit right in. Good luck with the career. I am sure you will do great.

Keith Wasser, via e-mail


I can’t believe you would call bikes a “guy thing” [Greg Stacy’s “I Want to Ride It Where I Like,” Aug. 29]. It is already hard to get the large percentage of women who are self-conscious to do anything technical or athletic for fear of appearing undesirable to men. By being a man and saying what is feminine, you are telling a large population of women what is and is not okay to do. Women and girls don’t have any less of a brain capacity to understand technical things, i.e., computers or cars. If women are bored by those things, that is a different story, but who says they are? What evidence do you have to support this opinion?

Every sport has its equipment, and whether you are into the nerdy details of that equipment is irrelevant to what gender you are or whether you actually enjoy doing the sport. Forget geeking out on the equipment, as far as participating in the sport, biking appears to be something women would get into—just check out all the women on cardio machines at any gym. The main reason I am pissed off is that biking isn’t just a sport or a hobby or a mode of transportation. Whether you like it or not, biking involves you in a movement toward cleaner air, personal fitness, and peace rather than a war for oil. Way to go! Let’s discourage half our population in Orange County from participating in this movement.

Katharine A. Sikorski, via e-mail


I applaud Mrs. McCarthy for taking a stand with her concerns [Daffodil J. Altan’s “School Colors,” Sept. 5]. I support her 100 percent. I am Latina. I am not married, nor do I have children of my own. I will someday, and when I do, I know that, just like Mrs. McCarthy, I want the best education for my children. I will do everything I can to ensure my child attends a private school or a mostly white- or Asian-populated school. Latin people here in the U.S. really need to stand up and accept that we as a community have a problem and need help for the sake of our children, our country and our future.

When it comes to our education, in the United States, English needs to be the only language. I am a true believer in that. I see billboards and signs in Spanish all over the county. Employers even have to get pamphlets and information in Spanish for their employees. We cannot allow illiteracy and ignorance to be conventional. It’s not that the Spanish language should be banned from schools, but it shouldn’t be the language delivering the message. Yes, we must appreciate and involve all cultures and languages into this big melting pot. But we cannot allow the use of the English language to decline like it is now.

To accept the fact that a lack of knowledge of what a great education is and why it is important needs to be the first step in our evolution as a race. I am horrified when I think about our future and my future children’s future if things don’t change, especially when the Latin race will be the majority in the U.S. by 2010. That is, if they’re not already. We will no longer be a minority. My people must rise, get together and come up with a solution because by not doing so, we are only segregating and alienating ourselves, ensuring a “work to survive” mentality for our children and a deterioration of the American dream for all.

Jaemmie Canas, Long Beach


Matt Coker’s “Bent Over Rent” [Sept. 5] mistakenly reported that the $216,000 set aside to compensate Plaza Court Apartments’ residents who filed claims before June 2 of this year was in addition to the $618,000 total settlement. The $216,000 was actually included in the larger amount. The Weekly regrets the error.


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