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‘Smoking Pot May Cause Paranoia’

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When Nick Schou told us he was going to write an article [“PentaConned!” Aug. 15] on the work of our organization regarding the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, we were ecstatic that someone in the media was finally going give this important information some attention. But instead of attempting to confirm or refute the information we presented, Schou chose to focus on gossip and resorted to character assassination, misrepresented our claims and blatantly lied by stating that we do not provide evidence at all.

The fact is that we provide a massive body of completely verifiable independent evidence. First-hand eyewitness accounts amount to evidence that is acceptable in every court in the land. We told Schou how we have 13 independently corroborated and confirmed first-hand witness accounts from individuals all stating that the Pentagon attack jet flew on the north side of the former CITGO gas station. We explained to Schou this fact is mutually exclusive with a plane impact in relation to the physical damage and all official data and, if true, proves the plane could have only flown over the building. Yet Schou made no effort whatsoever to bother to look into this or gave any indication that he even understood what this means.

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In addition, we have a confirmed account from yet another witness, who saw the plane flying away from the building immediately after the explosion.

This gross negligence in reporting is particularly egregious given the important implications of the evidence presented. Schou has also victimized us in what can only be interpreted as libel when one reads his negative portrayal of our characters as paranoid, irrational, or delusional in regard to obtaining evidence that he made a concerted effort to ignore and dismiss out of hand.

These types of reactions show a low standard of professionalism for any career journalist. A full retraction and complete follow-up article focusing on the evidence alone is clearly in order here.

Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis, Citizen Investigation Team

I simply have to respond to Aldo Marquis’ and Craig Ranke’s comments about me. We did not piggyback on their project.

We had planned on going to D.C. for several months to speak with eyewitnesses and get their honest testimonies for the film Loose Change: Final Cut. After speaking with Aldo and Craig on our forums and realizing they wanted to research the Pentagon incident, we offered to help put them up and combine our research trip. We even got them their own hotel room, never asking for a single cent in return. At this point, they had no fly-over theory, no PentaCon, nothing. Their “flyover” theory emerged from that trip we took together. Considering the thousands of hours that Aldo and Craig have logged preaching on our website’s forums, I would say that Aldo using the term “piggybacking” is the finest example of the pot calling the kettle black.

I do not claim to know for a fact what happened on 9/11, nor will I ever. All I claim to know is that the victims’ family members had to beg and scream for an investigation into what happened, and when they finally got one, it was severely flawed, underfunded and compromised. Even today, almost seven years later, they are still pleading for answers to hundreds of unanswered questions. People like Craig and Aldo, who point at everyone who opposes them with labels such as “deep-cover operative” and command that everything we know about the Pentagon incident is staged or fake, only make individuals with legitimate questions about the events of 9/11 look like complete lunatics.

I am not a lunatic. I am a 24-year-old concerned citizen who loves his girlfriend, surfing, music and playing with his dog.

Dylan Avery, via e-mail

I am ever so grateful to the OC Weekly for taking the time in Nick Schou’s article “PentaConned!” to blast these nutjobs, but I still have a gripe with you running this story. People like these guys are fringe lunatics and should be ignored. Giving them press only encourages stupidity and adds to their already-hyperinflated egos.

It’s clear that conspiracy theorists are narcissistic butt clowns, but these no-talent hacks take irresponsible “journalism” to a whole new level. Not only do they not provide any credible evidence to support anything they claim, but they also managed to alienate the only people in the “truth movement” to have any success. It’s not surprising these two idiots are dropouts.

P.S. Smoking pot may cause paranoia.

Charles Drengberg, Huntington Beach

I love the way you talk about truth. A wingspan of 125 feet or more fitting into a 16-foot-wide hole—now that’s real magic. About the same Magic as performed on Sept. 11, 2001, when three buildings came down at the same speed as gravity. The only steel buildings that magically came down out of the past 58 fires in the world, all in one day. Wow.

Now, one has explained the witnesses who complained about all the dust for the six weeks before 9/11. Oh, wow, and the big blast that blew up in the basement prior to the first plane hitting, that must have been the magic dust. What’s with all the lies most media use? Has Rupert Murdoch treated everyone or paid them off? Keep up the good work. Someone needs to start telling the truth. God bless you and your family for not keeping secrets.

Ron Payne M.V., via e-mail

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