Letters From OC Weekly Readers

'Did Your Cover Model Have to Sell Her Shirt to Be Able to Afford That Taco She's Eating?'

Regarding your Food Issue 2008 [Gustavo Arellano and Edwin Goei, Aug. 8], I want to say thanks a lot. Of course you'd choose to highlight a little taco truck parked here on the street, making it sound so nice. Try running a business near one! Oh, you forgot to mention that?

This truck, I'm sure, is filled with Mexican-grown meat and veggies—probably infected—and no one ever checks. It is sitting on a street there ALL DAY; people are DOUBLE PARKED, THROWING TRASH EVERYWHERE, PUTTING GRAFFITI on the walls. And the truck gets FREE RENT! How much do you think Del Taco a half-block away pays to sell their food? Yet this guy can pull up and sell his "food" for less, while the people living right behind this ROACH COACH have to listen to constant Mexican music, loud talking and cars all day because he decides to set up there!

WELL, THANKS A BUNCH. I am sure now we will get three times the traffic we already have over here. BUT BEWARE: We have informed the police of the article, and they will be driving by constantly, hopefully giving lots of tickets to double-parked, unlicensed, illegal drivers and maybe clear this filthy truck right out of town!

Wolf Johnson, via e-mail

Did your cover model have to sell her shirt to be able to afford that taco she's eating?

Sheila Peck, Huntington Beach

Great article [Greg Stacy's "Where the Birds Sing Words and the Flowers Croon," Aug. 8]. We all really appreciate the coverage and the exposure that help to make these events possible.

David Lozeau, via e-mail

I recently read your article "Getting Soaked" [Daffodil J. Altan, Aug. 8], and I all I have to say is THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'm a school account clerk at Segerstrom High School. While my position was recently eliminated at Segerstrom, I am one of the few employees with enough seniority to invoke my "bumping rights," so I will have a job site to report to at the beginning of the year. However, many of my co-workers and friends won't, and like your article said, they face the reality of losing homes and cars. Their futures are very dark. Thanks so much for a well-written article. OC Weekly continues to get the word out to the public.

Marla, via e-mail

Thank you for bringing up the fact that the Santa Ana Unified School District hasn't done anything to look for alternatives to the elimination of half of their non-teaching staff, not even looking in the bank.

John Grace, Huntington Beach

How can you continue to rave about Mos [Gustavo Arellano's This Hole-In-the-Wall Life, "Bowled Over Again," July 25]? The meat is indeed burnt, but not in any good char way like carne asada—just plain burnt. The sugars on a teriyaki marinade do not lend themselves to the same treatment as carne asada. I have tried Mos several times, and it's the same story. I want to like them for the big quantities and oddity of Mexi-yaki but they really aren't that good. Besides the carbonized meat, you get soggy egg rolls and pot stickers that clearly were picked up in the frozen section at Smart & Final.

John Olsen, via e-mail

A historical correction to your column on Mos 2 in Santa Ana: Up until about six years ago, a third restaurant was located at Pacific and Edinger—where all the wabs AND Mater Dei students would congregate peacefully and eat their chicken bowls. However, the landlord forced out Mos 2 and opened up his OWN chicken bowl place. It never rivaled the flavor or popularity of the original.

White Boy, Santa Ana

Your article about midwifery [Daffodil J. Altan's "I Want My Midwife!" July 25] in Orange County was wonderfully written, well-researched and compelling. Too bad The Orange County Register can't write as well. Kudos to Ms. Altan and a huge thank you for exposing an increasing threat to the future well-being of our next generation. Keep up the great articles and truthful media!

Sue Coffman, CD (DONA), AAHCC, BA (Soc), via e-mail

In Nick Schou's Aug. 15 cover story "PentaConned!" the name of the Citizen Investigation Team of Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis was given incorrectly. Also, the name of Pentagon police sergeant William Lagasse was misspelled. The Weekly regrets the errors.

For the second year in a row, OC Weekly has been honored in the Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Awards. Last year, we earned second place for general excellence in our circulation category; this year, we came in third. (The two papers that finished ahead of us were both dailies.) Run by the Missouri School of Journalism, this is the country's oldest and best-known feature-writing and -editing competition.


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