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'He Did State His Opinion, Which He’s Entitled to . . . But That Opinion Stunk'

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I am a proud, founding member of the Community Alliance for Birth Options, and I read your article [Daffodil J. Altan’s “I Want My Midwife!” July 25] with tears in my eyes and goose bumps. I can’t believe how well you got it. Your beautifully crafted words will shine a light on this important cause and educate all your readers that they can and should have many birthing options. Now that South Coast Medical Center (SCMC) has closed its obstetrics department, we must fight for our options! Thank you from the bottom of my swelling heart for what you have done. I truly believe that with support of the community and conscientious writers like yourself, I will be able to duplicate the amazing birth I had at SCMC.

Tanya Hauer, via e-mail

Thank you for bringing this important and normally misrepresented subject to the light! Daffodil J. Altan did a great job showing your readers how the entire medical industry, from the AMA to hospitals to insurance companies (all of whom are influenced and funded by the pharmaceutical industry, of course), makes it more and more difficult for women to choose the safest method of birthing a child: with a midwife. Here in OC, there’s now practically an “iron curtain” about midwives and their right to work in local hospitals. Bravo to you, OC Weekly, for having the guts to publish this poignant and factual account of this medical and societal travesty. I implore the women of OC to get involved in the natural-birthing movement here and push for change so you can birth safely and naturally at the hand of a caring and nurturing midwife.

Sheryll Alexander, via e-mail

This person is not very nice and should really not be so harsh [Dave Barton’s “Wipeout,” July 11]. He did state his opinion, which he’s entitled to . . . but that opinion stunk. Unlike the musical.

Kitty, via e-mail

As I sat in the audience of this play, I heard only joy and laughter. People loved the earthy flavor. And they loved the natural feel of pulling a surfboard along on wheels and using wave silk for waves. The production, in many ways, had a Shakespearean affect. Perhaps what you are used to critiquing is mainstream theater, while this story is good ol’ community theater with a musical score that could be used anywhere. It is that good.

Robert Sperring, via e-mail

Gustavo Arellano must be hard up for material [“Mixed Signals,” July 25]. I could comment till the cows come home, but I will limit myself to the following:

1. Unless all the problems of all the states and cities across the nation have been solved while we weren’t looking, you might consider writing a little less fluff and a lot more substantive material than revealed in this article.

2. I know it’s hard for the media to clear their heads long enough to actually provide honest, sensible data pertinent to, say—oh, I don’t know—maybe solve the crisis we are experiencing due to decades of graduating poorly educated, misinformed kids from our various school systems? It’s a bit dry, but it’d be a start. Maybe, if our kids weren’t totally brainwashed by age 12 by the pathetic folks we erroneously refer to as “educators,” we might not be battling the illegal-alien invasion. Maybe we would have secured our borders by now.

3. Fortunately, the third-grade mentality of which Gustavo writes belongs to just a few in the movement. Gustavo, however, would have readers believe that all legal, taxpaying American citizens who have organized against the intrusion of millions of unknown, non-vetted foreign invaders are somehow wrong to do so. Ninety-eight percent of those still plodding along on behalf of the red, white and blue are wonderful Americans who have distanced themselves from the foolishness described here by Gustavo.

What gets into folks who challenge those who want to keep the highways clean? And as long as the work gets done, who cares who does it?

Anonymous, via e-mail

I ate lunch at Siam Taste of Asia today—it was very good and some of the best Thai food in Orange County. I got to speaking with the owner, and she said that approximately 50 people showed up after your review [Gustavo Arellano’s “Thai This Now,” July 11]. It sounds like the place was struggling a bit and the review really had an impact on her business and her life. She said that she felt like she won the lottery. Small restaurants struggle to make it in OC’s chain-manic restaurant culture. I think you might want to know that your review appears to have made a difference for this one.

Matthew Cohen, Irvine


Dirty Laundry is a StagesTheater production. Why would you use Brian Kojac’s name to describe the production [Tom Child’s “All Washed Up,” July 24]? Does this paper have a personal vendetta against Kojac? Why aren’t Rude Guerrilla’s shows, for instance, titled “A Dave Barton Production”? No, we at Stages stand behind every show we produce, and we are proud of every one. This is a StagesTheater production and should be recognized as such in your review’s title.

Terry McNicol, via e-mail

Because of a layout error, several paragraphs of Vickie Chang’s Aug. 1 cover story, “Metheds to His Madness,” appeared out of order in our print edition. The correct version of the story can be read here. The Weekly regrets the error.


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