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‘What a Great Fucking Interview’


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What a great fucking interview with a very intelligent, insightful, motivated and amazing guy, Ron Kovic [Nick Schou’s “Ron Kovic’s War on War,” Oct. 24]. I am a veteran of both operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, and my personal political views have been changed dramatically since my service. I don’t see Kovic as an activist or extremist or some sort of GI-turned-peacenik as I’m quite sure several conservative members of my family would. He just seems so genuine and truthful and pragmatic. Great fucking interview; thank you.

Anonymous, via e-mail

What an amazing guy. I had no idea he was in Orange County. Born on the 4th of July is one of Oliver Stone’s best films, and Ron Kovic’s story is heartbreaking and heroic.

VC, via OCWeekly.com

This article brought back some memories, both good and bad. Especially about coming home. I think it also brings out another political point completely ignored by the news media. Ron has been paying attention, as I like to think I have, too. Although I did not hear his words, I think I can hear it in his voice. There is no basic difference between Barack Obama and John McCain. Thanks for a well-done piece seen through the eyes of a warrior without all the partisan crap.

August, via e-mail


This letter is in regards to Greg Stacy’s “Trick-or-Treat, Bitter and Sweet” [Oct. 31], which I believe was totally uncalled for.

This is the first time I have appeared in your paper outside of the ads I purchase and the label I am signed to purchases (for my books, CDs, shows and more). And this is what Stacy had to say . . .

“There are a few would-be Frankensteins here who never quite manage to bring their monsters to life. Sam Oak, for instance, introduces himself as an artist, author, composer, producer and musician, but based on the evidence in this show, I’m afraid I have to go for the obvious (if mean) play on words and suggest that he probably shouldn’t quit four of his five day jobs. But even if some of the individual contributors to ‘Blood Work’ don’t look so hot, you’re overwhelmed by the show as a whole and the sheer number of colorful, ghoulish sights.”

I was actually the only person who sold all pieces at the show! The only artist that not only sold, but also sold the whole series! This form of art is not meant to be pretty; it is a statement using my own blood!

I am fine if Stacy thinks my art looks like crap; it’s supposed to. It has blood all over it, for crying out loud! It’s not supposed to be Orange County Hills Pretty! Instead of calling me a would-be and slapping me in the face for working my ass off to bring this dull world some beauty, he could have said my art looks like shit—that would have been less of a slap in the face. He should quit his journalism job, not tell me to quit anything of mine because I work hard at helping this stinking county evolve! After all, in the words of Kurt Cobain, “self-appointed judges judge more than they have sold.”

Why would you treat your own artists so bad? I have seen your magazine be more sympathetic to people who make fun of Mexicans and B.S. trash-talkers than to someone who really struggles and thinks outside the box. Is that what you call political/intellectual edge? Way to support your community.

Sam Oak, via e-mail


Thank you for giving me a part in this motion-picture thriller [Daffodil J. Altan’s “Haunted Alamo,” OC’s Scariest People, Oct. 31]. However, it is an insult to include me, or any Minuteman Project participant, in a film with Barbara Coe. The Minuteman Project has standards, you know.

I still find it hard to believe that the California Coalition for Immigration Reform feels no compunction at setting the Minuteman movement back two years by engaging in what I think is outright lawlessness.

If Coe had any honor at all, she would have apologized for her selfish behavior and issued a retraction of all her false, ignorant and groundless claims of criminal conduct on the part of the Minuteman Project members.

Her lack of conscience and foresight did accomplish the following, though:

1. The illegal immigration issue faded from the national spotlight as inter-organizational infighting took precedence over the Minuteman mission for the past two years.

2. The assurance that a pro-illegal-alien-invasion president will be elected on Nov. 4.

3. Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean will remain in prison for the next decade.

4. Amnesty with dual citizenship and voting rights for an estimated 30 million illegal aliens occupying U.S. territory will become a reality soon.

Those accomplishments, however, are nothing to be proud of.

Jim Gilchrist, president of the Minuteman Project, via OCWeekly.com


I just read your column about Mexican girls hating Spanish girls [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! Oct. 1]. That just shows the level of ignorance of the Mexicans. I read today in my local paper that Mexicans are self-deporting at a fast rate. All I can say is, thank God! My company doesn’t hire illegals, and we are in construction. I can only say I dance the “illegal”-Mexican hat dance when I hear the words “Hispanic Panic.” Get more criminals out of our country. Maybe we can send O.J. with them.

Auntie Illegal, Riverside


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