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R. Scott Moxley [“Sandra’s Got Their Guns,” Oct. 16] displays his stunning lack of knowledge of the situation by quoting unsubstantiated facts off a fringe blog. Excellent journalism! It sure does make for exciting copy, though. Slow news day? Go find a whacko blog to quote!

The reality is that all but 20 of the permits former sheriff Mike Carona issued were to people who had nothing to do with his campaign and the vast majority of whom had never met him, but instead had substantiated threats to their personal safety. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens simply wants to convert OC into LA South, where only the well-connected, rich or famous get permits to carry concealed weapons, so she has “raised the standards” and started revoking permits of people such as retired judges with threats to their lives, doctors and pharmacists transporting drugs, and business owners carrying large sums of cash. Those people don’t qualify under her “new” standards. Almost no one does, unless she knows them. Just like in LA. And isn’t that the sort of favoritism we were trying to be rid of?

OC Citizen, via ocweekly.com


I request that the OC Weekly correct the false statements contained in the article written by R. Scott Moxley and published on Oct. 16. Judge William Froeberg has not presided over a case involving sex crimes filed and prosecuted by the sexual-assault unit of the Orange County district attorney’s office since October 2000. He has recused himself from all sexual-assault-unit cases since his wife, Rosanne, became head of the unit in 2001. Moxley falsely accuses Judge Froeberg of ethical violations. It is my understanding that there has been no abuse of his court e-mail account. Rather, the e-mail was from his family’s home e-mail account. Furthermore, Mr. Moxley refers to Judge Froeberg as a former prosecutor, when he has never been a prosecutor.

Carole Levitzky, public information officer, Orange County district attorney’s office

R. Scott Moxley responds: I was incorrect in stating that Judge Froeberg had been a prosecutor. As for the issue of the e-mail account, I did not write that Rosanne Froeberg used her husband’s work e-mail. I clearly wrote that it was an “Internet account” bearing the name “William Froeberg.” To avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, a prosecutor should not use an e-mail account belonging to her husband, a judge, to correspond with police officers seeking pretrial advice on criminal investigations. Finally, defendants charged with sex crimes routinely land before Judge Froeberg.


This list [Greg Stacy’s “25 Reasons Why John Sidney McCain III Sucks,” Oct. 24] is the rambling of an Obama fanatic. It made no sense. Personally, I hope to see your list of 25 reasons you support Obama without having to write he’s for change for reasons 1 through 20 and you want hope for reasons 21 through 25.

Jo Schwarz, Tustin


Wow, dude, you said it all and with such ease and accuracy. I feel I can ease up myself now since I’ve been running around blogging my brains out, trying to say one or two of these. Thanks for doing it all. I’ll be resting now.

Gaias Child, Springfield, Oregon


You forgot to mention G. Gordon Liddy, crashing three taxpayer-purchased planes, his anti-GI Bill vote, and the fact that he’s been on taxpayer-funded health care his whole life while trashing it.

RealityCheck, Mesa, Arizona


Well-said. But don’t overlook McCain’s close relationship with domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy—who is on record, following the Waco incident, advocating that people should defend themselves by shooting federal agents!

Ron Sampson, Hillsborough


Hmm, let me see. McCain is a bad health risk, but Obama (47), whose father died at 46 from alcoholism and an auto accident and whose mother died at 52 from cancer, is a good health risk. Uh-huh. Obama graduated without honors from Columbia after studying “political science” (read: B.S.), while McCain is a doofus for graduating without honors from the vastly more difficult curriculum of the Naval Academy. Uh-huh. McCain has a documented IQ of 133; Obama will not release any of his test scores or grades. Uh-huh. Sorry to interject facts here.

Chuck Miller, Scottsdale, Arizona


I am the token female of the New FBI. I submit for the record my “suit” was not purchased at Target [Rex Reason’s “Twelve Angry Men,” Oct. 16].

Suzanne Ohman, Mission Viejo


Okay, Paul Maslak (clearly a rocket scientist when it comes to “decision making”) boasts ever so eloquently as to his disdain of the music-venue industry’s practices in the very publication heavily viewed and supported by these establishments. Being a well-connected veteran promoter/booking professional, I feel I would need to remind working musicians out there that we venues, too, have the incentive, right and need to make money. I ask Mr. Maslak, are we “pay to play” venues expected to cover the costs of providing the staff, rents, stage and electrical requirements needed to put on “your” show? Better yet, we should trust you, and then take your word for it that the thirst of all Orange County will pounce upon our barstools and devour our libations? Personally, my cohorts and I will be keeping our eyes out for this “New FBI” band when, one day, I am honored with the opportunity to fulfill their playful fantasy of gracing one of my stages.

Richard D., Hollywood

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